Widebody A90 Supra Goes Canyon Carving (VIDEO)

Watching an A90 Supra with a sick widebody kit carve through some canyons is just the thing the doctor ordered to get you through a Tuesday.

We can thank Toyo Tires for going the extra mile and shooting a short film with Daniel Song’s Toyota A90 Supra equipped with a sick Varis widebody kit with a few custom touches.

Daniel Song's A90 Supra with a Varis Supreme widebody kit

Chances are you’ve probably seen Daniel’s A90 Supra on Instagram, YouTube, or even at a car show before the pandemic shut them all down. Though I am pretty sure you’ve never seen his car in action like this.

Just hearing his A90 Supra roll through its gears is satisfying enough that Toyo Tires didn’t even bother to add commentary or interview Daniel about his car. It’s almost like a tuner car ASMR video.

It’s short and sweet so we’ll stop talking and let you enjoy the video for yourself below!

Daniel Song’s Varis Supreme Widebody A90 Supra video

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