The New F9 Trailer Officially Goes To Space

Today a brand new trailer for F9 dropped online and wow. To say that this movie is swinging for the fences is an understatement. This new trailer seems to have everything: magnets, sibling rivalry, duct tape, and even space travel!

We while we should have been expecting a new look at the film since it’s set to release in about a month and a half, we definitely were not expecting the kind of spectacle teased in this latest trailer.

F9 official trailer 2

The previous trailers only hinted at the use of some incredibly over-powered electromagnets but judging by this new spot, it seems that these magnets will be the weapon of choice for Dom’s crew. We say bring it on!

Look it should be pretty obvious by now that F9 is trying it’s hardest to be the most ridiculous, over-the-top, film in the Fast And Furious franchise and we’re here for it.

The new trailer doesn’t provide much more to the story beyond what we already know about Dom’s crew going up against his estranged brother “Jakob” (played by John Cena). Though, do we really need to know much more than that?

F9 official trailer 2 rocket powered Pontiac Fiero

The end of the trailer has a rocket-powered Pontiac Fiero going to space! Are we really that worried about the story at this point?

We just want to watch crazy stunts, hear cheesy lines, and see cool cars. Speaking of cars, there were a few glimpses of rides that caught our attention like the bright blue Nissan R34 GT-R in the beginning of the trailer, a widebody 240Z, an Toyota A90 Supra, and what looked like a Noble M600 doing a sweet drift with Helen Mirren behind the wheel.

We’re hoping it doesn’t stop there. We’re also hoping we’ll get at least one legit street racing scene in this movie as it seems like it’s been a pretty long time since the series has gone back to it’s roots.

Who would’ve thought that the film that started with some rag tag street racers stealing DVD players from trucks would end up with spies, explosions, and space ships?!

Check out the new F9 trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

F9 Official Trailer 2

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