About Us

MotorworldHype is an automotive blog created to showcase all things cool and new in the automotive aftermarket. It is designed to be the discriminating online source for news on the latest QUALITY CAR GOODS.  We only care about high quality products for a variety of luxury, exotic, and sports cars. From modern muscle cars to high end luxury cars to high performance imports – we cover all of that and everything cool in-between.

MotorworldHype will also feature: the latest in automotive performance news, thoughts from Industry leaders, unique features, and an area for shops and event promoters to hype their businesses and events. Of course there is also a forum area for members and enthusiasts.

MotorWorldHype.com is born from the minds of two creative individuals who felt the need to fill the void of easy to digest legitimate automotive product, news, and culture information. Our goal is to provide enthusiasts with fresh info while putting an emphasis on awesome car goods and where to get them.

RJ “Image Maker” de Vera: RJ de Vera has been at the forefront of the modern youth automotive culture since it started in the early 90’s.  After years of styling award winning show cars RJ turned his sights to conceptualizing attention grabbing, high-profile promotional cars for companies such as Boost Mobile, Valvoline, AXE Body Spray, and Pepsi.  RJ has reached a level to which he is no longer only known to the “tuner” crowd.  Since accepting a “Treasure Of The Hobby” award from Barry Meguiar RJ is known to many major players in the automotive industry.

Andrew “Andy” Beckford: After immersing himself in the auto culture back in 1996, Andrew has always made it a point to keep up with the most current trends and communicate what he knows to everyone that will listen.  Occasionally he did this professionally for companies such as Mazda, Toyota, and RO_JA Wheels.  When he wasn’t consulting, Andrew was writing for automotive print and web publications such as: Import Tuner, Traction Magazine, and C16 Autostyle.  Also an avid motorsport fan, chances are any post about Indy Car, Formula 1, Drifting, and the like will be written by him.

Welcome to MotorworldHype.

DISCLAIMER: Although we strive to give car fanatics a place to see all kinds of QUALITY CAR GOODS, we are discriminating. That’s right – we have opinions and sometimes some rather strong ones. We feature what we think is cool, awesome, great, well-made, etc… anything that we feel gives a product merit to be a QUALITY CAR GOOD. We feature what we want for whatever reason we like. If you don’t agree with us. We don’t care!  

But Thanks for Visiting