Hot Wheels Unleashed Gameplay Revealed [VIDEO]

The upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed racing game got it’s first gameplay trailer today along with a livestreamed event that revealed additional details.

In case you missed it, this game was actually first revealed back in February by Milestone Games, the same studio behind many popular motocross games and a few rally games from back in the day.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a game that gives players the experience of racing virtual versions of real Hot Wheels die-cast cars on virtual versions of the iconic Hot Wheels orange tracks.

The fun part is that the environments are at the classic 1:64 Hot Wheels scale, so the massive tracks and environments are all in places like a bedroom or garage but from a toy’s eye view.

The effect is similar to the old school Micro Machines game on the NES from back in the ’90s.

So, what did we learn from today’s gameplay reveal and discussion with the developers?

How many cars will be available in Hot Wheels Unleashed at launch?

Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer screen shot

Hot Wheels Unleashed will have over 60 cars available when the game launches later this year in September.

According to the developers, each car in the game was “hand chosen” by them and they considered each car’s style, personality, and history.

There will also be rare cars and other Hot Wheels cars of historical significance in the game. Some of those cars will need to be unlocked by completing what the developers called “Super Treasure Hunts”. We’re speculating here but we suspect that those treasure hunts will be something similar to the seasonal playlists found in Forza Horizon 4.

On top of the 60 cars available at launch, more cars will come later via free and paid DLC

Game modes and gameplay

Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer screen shot

The developers didn’t list all the game modes in the livestream but they did confirm that there will be a career mode and multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer will be online but also local with split-screen racing. Though, it seems that split screen play will be limited to two players.

There won’t be any cross-play at launch but the dev team is “looking into” cross-generational play (for example, PlayStation 4 users playing with PlayStation 5 users).

However, there will not be any cross-platform play (Xbox users playing with PlayStation users, etc).

When it comes to gameplay, the fast-paced racing in Hot Wheels Unleashed will “rely heavily” on drifting and boosting. Performing long, dynamic drifts should be easy to execute and drifts will charge a boost meter.

The trick is knowing when to drift, when to boost, and when not to boost. The mechanic seems reminiscent of Mario Kart gameplay but instead of automatically boosting at the end of a drift, the player can choose when to use it.

The drift and boost mechanic should make multiplayer especially hectic and interesting if executed correctly.

Track editor and livery editor

Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer screen shot

When the game was first revealed in February, a track editor was confirmed to be in the final game. Today, we learned a bit more about what the track editor is capable of.

First and most notably, the track editor available to players is the same editor that the development team used to make tracks for all the game modes. So when it comes to creating tracks, anything that the developers did the players can do as well.

Players can also do more than just select and place orange track pieces. The pieces themselves can be further manipulated by bending, stretching, and even twisting them to create inverted sections.

There are also 20 special track elements available like a giant spider that shoots webbing at cars as they drive underneath it.

At launch there will be 40 tracks available within 6 different environments. One of those environments which the developers dubbed the player’s “home base” will be customizable.

Finally, there will be a “powerful” livery editor that will allow players to customize the look of each car any way they want. The example given was that sometimes Hot Wheels may release a variant livery of an existing car so if that livery isn’t in the game already, players can create it in the editor.

As you might expect, custom liveries can be uploaded and shared online.

Planned DLC details

Hot Wheels Unleashed gameplay trailer screen shot

As previously mentioned, there will be DLC available for Hot Wheels Unleashed in the months after launch. Cars, track pieces, and new environments will all come as DLC and there will also be “expansion packs” that will probably consist of a combination of all three of the aforementioned content categories.

There will be some DLC that is free but most of it will be “premium” (AKA paid) DLC. However, the developers made it very clear that there will be no “loot boxes” as part of paid DLC.

Any randomized loot in the game will always be free.

New pre-order pack revealed

Hot Wheels Unleashed Sportscar pack pre-order bonus

The last new bit of information we got today was a brand new sports cars pre-order pack. The pack comes with two cars: the GT-Scorcher and the Track Manga.

To us the GT-Scorcher looks like a cross between a GT3 and old school IMSA race car. The Track Manga on the other hand is clearly inspired by Japanese “bosozoku-style” cars.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Gameplay Trailer

Here it is, the gameplay trailer you’ve been waiting for. Everything shown in the trailer is pre-alpha gameplay footage so a lot of it can change by the final build but in our opinion what’s shown so far is promising.

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.



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