Ryan Tuerck Is Dropping A LeMans V10 In His Toyota GR Supra

When Ryan Tuerck dropped a Ferrari 458 engine in a Toyota GT86 a few years ago, I didn’t think it would be possible to do a crazier engine swap than that. Heck, I didn’t think it was possible that an engine swap like that would work in the first place.

Clearly, Tuerck proved me wrong many times over as his “GT4586” runs beautifully and even does work as an occasional demo car.

Alright so with that crazy build said and done, what could Ryan possibly do next to top it? What’s beyond putting a freakin’ Ferrari V8 into a small Toyota?

How about dropping a V10 LeMans engine into the new Toyota GR Supra? Seriously, I’m not joking.

Tuerck managed to get his hands on a genuine Judd 4GV V10 race engine. For the unfamiliar, Judd V10 engines debuted in 1999 in the American LeMans series and earned victories for the  Rafanelli Riley & Scott LMP1 sportscar.

The entire V10 engine is only 4.0 liters, makes 730 horsepower, and can rev as high as 13,000RPM. Due to its all aluminum construction, the engine only weighs about 320lbs.

While the Judd is small and light for a V10, it’s still much bigger than the stock inline-6 twin turbo engine that lives under the GR Supra’s hood.

Yet, that is not going to stop Tuerck and his crew from finding a way to get the high-strung V10 to not only fit but run.

In a video Ryan recently dropped on his YouTube channel, he does a full walkthrough of the engine. Additionally, he also drops a few hints as to how he’ll get the motor to fit and some of the future plans for the build once it’s completed.

Spoiler: this car is not going to be just another drift car. His plans go way beyond that.

You can hear it all from the man himself in the video below.

Video: Formula Supra Judd V10 Introduction to the build

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