F1 2020: Lewis Hamilton Makes History At The Portuguese Grand Prix

Typically when I do my F1 recap posts, I don’t reveal the winner but considering the circumstances I think that is pretty much unavoidable at this point.

Six-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has officially passed the great Michael Schumacher for total career wins with his victory at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Hamilton now has 92 career victories to Schumacher’s 91. This feat is something that most F1 fans thought would be impossible considering just how dominant Schumacher was in his prime with Ferrari.

Yet, a kid from the UK whos father worked three jobs to support his karting career has managed to make history over the weekend. Furthermore, there are still 5 races left in the 2020 season which means it is very likely that Lewis will earn even more wins before 2020 is done.

It is also very likely that Lewis will tie with Schmacher for F1 World Championships should he take the driver’s title this year. If Lewis stays put and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team can remain at the dominant level they’re currently at, there’s no reason not to believe that Lewis will earn a record-breaking 8th championship in 2021.

Though, Lewis still has not officially re-signed with Mercedes yet. Though it might seem crazy that Lewis would leave such a dominant team for what would likely be a mid-pack establishment, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that.

In 2013 after winning his second driver’s championship with McLaren, Hamilton cut ties with that team to join Mercedes GP which was decidedly not a front-running team despite having Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg as drivers.

While I’m sure any team on the grid would be happy to have Hamilton in their driver line up, considering that most teams have appeared to make their 2021 plans known, I doubt that Lewis will move from his current spot.

Considering that Fernando Alonso will be returning to F1 next year, Lewis will likely want to remain in a place where he is going to have the most competitive package possible.

Going into the Portuguese Grand Prix things started off a little sketchy for Lewis. Even though he had the pole position he struggled at the race start and was overtaken by his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Max Verstappen had some problems as well at the start but eventually fought his way back towards the front while Lewis managed to regain the lead from his teammate.

In the end, Lewis stood on top of the podium, Valtteri Bottas nabbed second place, and Max Verstappen earned third.

Lewis currently holds a 77 point lead over his teammate so he has a very comfortable position on his way to a 7th driver’s championship.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the race recap video but if you want to check out the highlights of the race you can watch right here.


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