10 Things F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Can’t Live Without [VIDEO]

I’m not one that travels much but I know people who do. The common denominator with frequent flyers and travelers is that they all have their collection of items that they absolutely can’t live without on their journeys.

In my experience those items are typically an eclectic mix of tech, comfort items, favorite articles of clothing, some go-to hygiene products, and some sort of comfort item.

GQ Magazine has created a whole series in which celebrates breakdown their own personal set of items and why they love them and I’m a fan of those videos.

Obviously there hasn’t really been a reason for me to cover any of them in the past. That changes today as the Honey Badger himself Daniel Ricciardo sat down with GQ to discuss his own personal set of 10 items that he absolutely has to have with him.

It might seem a little silly at first but considering just how much F1 drivers travel, it makes perfect sense that they would have a highly specialized set of creature comforts that help them get through those long flights.

Though this is Daniel Ricciardo we’re talking about here. So expect a few “unconventional” items on his list. Such as his “party shirt” for example.

I’m gonna be honest. I didn’t know party shirts were a thing until I watched this video. I count myself lucky that I had the opportunity to be educated on the matter by Mr. Ricciardo.

F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo wearing his leopard face mask

I’ll definitely need to go out and get myself a party shirt to wear when hopefully the world goes back to normal.

In the meantime check out the video below and see if any of Daniel’s items line up with your own personal set of must-haves when you get ready for extended travel.

After watching, let me know in the comments below what items you would want to have on you at all times if you were a jet-setting Formula One driver.

GQ Sport: 10 Things Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Can’t Live Without

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