GT Channel Visits Mine’s Japan To Learn How They Tune Nissan Engines [VIDEO]

When I was a kid in high school there used to be these ads in the back of the fall issues of Turbo Magazine, Import Tuner, and Super Street. It was for a travel package that you can buy from them to travel in a group with the magazines to visit Japan in January for the annual Tokyo Auto Salon.

I’ve always wanted to buy the package and go on that trip. Not just to check out the Tokyo Auto Salon but to visit the legendary tuner shops that call Japan home. All the shops that I had only read about in those magazines or online.

Alas I never did take that trip and unfortunately that package isn’t offered anymore. Heck, those magazines aren’t offered anymore. Not in print form anyway.

Times have certainly changed. The good news is that YouTube is a thing now and so is high-speed internet. That means people who are already in Japan can visit some of these amazing tuners and create videos that make the viewers feel like they’re right along side them.

Lucky for us GT Channel is doing just that. In the latest episode of their new show “JDM GT” they’ve enlisted “Captain Bradford” from the JDM Masters channel to tour the iconic Nissan tuner Mine’s.

Mine’s has worked their magic inside and out on Nissan’s for a very long time. In a nearly 30 minute video Capt. Bradford goes in-depth with the heads of Mine’s and learns exactly how their technicians are able to extract so much power out of Nissan RB26DETT and VR38DETT engines.

In case you’re behind on your engine codes those are the engines from the R32-R34 Skylines and current R35 Skyline respectively.

Beyond taking a tour of the shop Bradford goes further by speaking directly with Mine’s president Michizo Niikura and chief engine builder Nakayama-san.

The ionic Mine's R34 V-Spec II Nissan GT-R Skyline as seen on the GT Channel YouTube show JDM GT

Finally, just to make us all extra jealous, the host actually gets up close and personal to the iconic Mine’s 600 horsepower R34 Nissan Skyline V-Spec II demo car. The same one seen in the Best Motoring videos from back in the day and the same car featured in Gran Turismo games.

Anyone like me who’s a fan of late 90s/early 2000’s JDM cars, shops, and trends will find a lot to love in this video. If you have the time, give this a watch!

GT Channel JDM GT Episode: Mine’s Japan

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