Advanced Auto Parts Trolled The Internet With “Die Hard” And John McClane To Sell Batteries

Die Hard is one of my favorite movies. Also, yes it is a Christmas movie and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise.

After the first three films, the rest kind of… took a flaming nose dive; In my opinion.

Anyway, for years there’s been talk of reboots, prequels, tv shows, all kinds of supposed developments meant to revitalize the franchise.

Yesterday, the internet exploded when Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumor, tweeted a teaser for what looked a lot like a new Die Hard film with more to come today.

Well, today is here and yeah, it’s definitely was not about a new Die Hard movie. Turns out the whole thing was a huge misdirect for an Advance Auto Parts commercial to sell DieHard batteries.

While I was certainly disappointed, I can’t say that I was surprised. Sadly this isn’t the first time big brands have co-opted nostalgia to sell their wares.

I just never thought I’d see the day where it would happen to Die Hard!

Though to be fair, the 2 minute film does do its best to pay homage to the original film in several ways.

"DIE HARD IS BACK" Advance Auto Parts commercial featuring Bruce Willis as John McClane

It seems to take place during Christmas, there is a band of ex-military mercenaries on the hunt for John, there are practical explosions that don’t make any sense, and John McClane ends up in an air ceiling air duct.

On top of that there are even two cameos. One is Clarence Gilyard reprising his role as “Theo” the computer hacker right-hand-man of villain “Hans Gruber”.

The other cameo is De’voreaux White returning to play the limo driver “Argyle” and he’s still driving the same limo!

I won’t ruin the very thin plot for you. You can just watch for yourself below but I will say the short actually made me smile a few times. Which is way more than I can say for Die Hard 4 & 5!

Advance Auto Parts “DIE HARD IS BACK” film

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