9 Formula Drift Drivers Pitted Against Each Other In Skills Battle [Video]

Obviously the 2020 Formula Drift schedule is having a bit of a weird start. Due the global pandemic events had to be canceled and other’s postponed. There will be a 2020 season but we just have to wait a little longer for it to begin.

In the meantime the series decided to have a little fun and do something different. A few weeks ago Formula Drift gathered nine of their drivers (including former champions like Dai Yoshihara, Chris Forsberg and Mike Essa), and invited them to Irwindale Speedway AKA “The House of Drift” for the first annual “Skills Battle”.

The competition was comprised of three events: an initiation competition, wall ride competition, and finally a drag race. The first two events are judged by a panel of pro drivers while the drag race is all up to good ol’ horsepower and reaction time.

The crew from Formula Drift had so much fun doing this that there is a good chance this will become a yearly pre-season tradition.

This is a great way to scratch the itch if you’re craving some fresh drifting content. It’s nearly an hour long of tire smoking goodness so check it out below!

Formula Drift Skills Battle

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