Hot Hatch Hot Sauce Is Inspired By Early VW Golf

Hot Hatch Hot Sauce is one of those things we wish existed back when we were young enough to drown our food in hot sauce with reckless abandon. These days, we can’t quite get away with that but we still appreciate a spicy kick every now and then.

We definitely aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Thanks to shows like Hot Ones, and viral TikTok videos of spicy food challenges, pop culture’s obsession with hot sauce is massive to say the least.

That’s why we’re very interested in this line of hot sauces created by Chef Kevin Malone. Malone is an artisanal Chef based in Los Angeles who also happens to be a huge gear head.

Hot Hatch Hot Sauce "MK2" flavor. Graphic by Lane Skelton

Thus, he created Hot Hatch Hot Sauce; a line of artisanal small-batch hot sauces inspired by “hot hatch” hatchbacks. Specifically, early VW hatchbacks.

Hot Hatch Hot Sauce "The Zonker" flavor. Graphic by Lane Skelton

There are currently two flavors of sauce available: “The Zonker” which is inspired by the crazy, one-off, AWD, Turbo Golf built by VW Sport back in the 80s. The other sauce is the “MK2” inspired by the Golf MK2.

Hot Hatch Hot Sauce "Heatometer" for "The Zonker" flavor.

According to the 80s-tastic tachometer-inspired “heatometer”, the Zonker redlines as the hottest sauce available at a 7. The MK2 sauce on the other hand is a bit more mild and comes in at a 3.5.

There was an “MK1” sauce as well but it has since sold out. As we mentioned before, these sauces are made in small batches so once they’re gone, they tend to not come back for a while.

In the case of “The Zonker” which is a limited release, it may never come back after it’s gone.

One of the coolest things about Hot Hatch Hot Sauce are the graphics on the bottle featuring illustrations of the cars that inspired the flavors. The label designs were created by automotive photographer and illustrator Lane Skelton.

Fun fact: Skelton is also the co-founder of RADwood, the 80s themed car meet events.

If you want to grab some Hot Hatch Hot Sauce for yourself right now you can get it on their website. They go for $12 a bottle.

If you’ve had Hot Hatch Hot Sauce before, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

[Source: Hot Hatch Hot Sauce]

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