Go Behind The Car Destroying Stunts Of F9

F9: Fast And Furious 9 is coming out in under two months from now and it may just be the first film I watch in theaters since the pandemic hit. I know that Fast And Furious films are certainly not known for their story but let’s be honest, that was never the appeal.

At first the Fast films were all about the cars and the exaggerated view of car culture but eventually the Fast And Furious franchise morphed into a series that was all about espionage, crime, crazy stunts, and lines cheesier than a Wisconsin quesadilla.

In F9: Fast And Furious 9 the stunts are going to be exceptionally over the top in the best way. It’s not all CG either. Director Justin Lin has committed being as practical as possible with the stunts and then augmenting them with CG for polish.

We already saw a glimpse of this approach when Lin revealed that he destroyed three Toyota GT-86’s to get one shot of the car being pulled through a building by a super-powered electromagnet. Yeah, that’s a real sentence.

F9: Fast And Furious 9 "Total Carnage" featurette goes behind the scenes of the biggest car stunts in the film

That means cars were harmed in the making of this film. To see just how many cars met an unfortunate end, check out the new featurette Universal Studios released today called “TOTAL CAR-NAGE”; see what they did there?

The short video has some great behind-the-scenes shots of some of the film’s biggest stunts and how some of the more elaborate camera angles were pulled off.

It’s a fun watch but if you’re one of those who want to go into F9: Fast And Furious 9 completely blind then maybe skip this one. Otherwise, check out the featurette below!

Are you planning to watch F9: Fast And Furious 9 in theaters? Or are you planning on streaming it at home when it’s available? Let me know on twitter at @MotorworldHype.

F9: Fast And Furious 9 | TOTAL CAR-NAGE featurette

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