One Shot In Fast 9 Big Game Spot Took 8 Months And 3 Destroyed Toyota 86s To Make [VIDEO]

While “the big game” was pretty disappointing this year, there were a few bright spots between watching Kansas City getting blown out. One such example was the Fast 9 big game spot.

The "Toretto house" being rebuilt as seen in the new Fast 9 big game trailer

The Fast 9 big game spot was only 30 seconds but we did get a few glimpses at scenes that haven’t been previously shown off. The spot opens with a shot that establishes that the now iconic Toretto house is being rebuilt after being completely blown up in Furious 7.

What follows is mostly quick flashes of bits that have already been included in previous trailers. However, the Fast 9 big game spot closes out with this insane shot of a Toyota 86 getting caught by some kind of massively overpowered magnet and pulled off the street, through a building, and through a truck.

When we first saw it, we figured that whole sequence was completely computer generated. Though it looks like we were totally wrong about that.

Soon after the Fast 9 big game spot was released, the film’s director Justin Lin took to Twitter to reveal how that shot with the 86 was made.

It was actually shot practically, with a real car on a specialized rig and several pre-programed robotic arms with cameras mounted to them.

According to Lin, that one 4-second shot took “8 months of prep, 4 days of production” and “3 cars destroyed” to create. Obviously, there was still some CG effects applied to enhance the destruction and get all the rigs and cameras out of the shot but the end result is a really amazing shot. You can see the clip in James’ tweet below.


Unfortunately, we still have no idea when Fast 9 will come out. The film was already delayed a few time due to the global pandemic. While some movie studios resulted in putting their films on home streaming services, it looks like Universal may just be holding out until most people feel it’s safe to go back to theaters.

Are you willing to wait to watch Fast 9 in theaters? Or would you rather Universal just release it on VOD so you can stream it from home? Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

For now you can check out the Fast 9 big game spot below.

Fast 9 Big Game Spot

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