Toyota GR Supra BLACKLINE Performance Oil Cap Cover

The Toyota GR Supra has no shortage of support from the aftermarket. There is a healthy list of performance parts, suspension upgrades, and exterior mods for new Supra owners to choose from.

Though what we haven’t seen a lot of are engine bay dress up pieces. There was a time when engine dress up parts were among the first “aftermarket” pieces to come out for new sports cars but that trend seems to have slowed down.

The crew at Goldenwrench Supply Co. is bringing engine dress up back in a big way. They specialize in producing high quality dress up pieces and other vehicle dress up accessories.

For the most part they focus on creating pieces for BMWs but since the new Toyota GR Supra is pretty much a BMW under the hood (come at us internet), they’ve created a few choice pieces for it as well.

BLACKLINE Toyota GR Supra Performance Oil Cap Cover

Seen here is their BLACKLINE performance oil cap cover. Now if we’re being honest, there is not really any way that an oil cap cover can enhance “performance” but it can in enhance looks and sometimes that’s just the point.

BLACKLINE Toyota GR Supra Performance Oil Cap Cover

The oil cap cover is CNC machined from T6 aluminum and anodized red to match the stock Toyota GR Supra engine cover. The cap cover also features an engraved BLACKLINE and Goldenwrench Supply Co. logos. There’s also a reminder to only use synthetic oil in your Toyota GR Supra engine.

BLACKLINE Toyota GR Supra Performance Oil Cap Cover next to an OEM Toyota GR Supra oil cap

If you’re worried about OEM specs and tolerances, it should be noted that this is only an oil cap cover. It simply fits over the OEM plastic oil cap instead of replacing it.

Our opinion is that it gives the Toyota GR Supra engine bay nice subtle visual upgrade and its $55 price tag is worthy of its quality but still won’t break the bank.

Let us know what you think of this oil cap cover in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

[Source: Goldenwrench Supply Co.]

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