Maserati MC20 Aria Aero Kit By 7 Designs

The Maserati MC20 is a very good looking car in our opinion. Though, there are some people out there who love its looks even more than we do. In fact, there is a team of designers who love the Maserati MC20 so much that they launched their own start up company just to make a body kit for it. Talk about dedication.

The company in question is called 7 Designs and it’s based in New York. 7 Designs started just last year in 2020 after the Maserati MC20 was first revealed. An opportunity arose for the 7 Designs group to produce their own aero kit so, they jumped on it.

The Aria Aero kit by 7 Designs seen on a Maserati MC20

7 Designs says that they have partnered with “the best carbon fiber manufacturer in the industry with over 3 decades of experience” to produce the aero kit they designed dubbed the “Aria”.

The remarkable part about all this is the fact that the Maserati MC20 technically isn’t even out yet and it seems doubtful that the Italian supercar brand will have a measuring session for the aftermarket.

The Aria Aero kit by 7 Designs seen on a Maserati MC20

If we were to speculate, it seems that 7 Designs probably has their own Maserati MC20 on order and will use their own vehicle as a prototype. We could obviously be wrong but that seems like the most likely path.

If we’re right that means it may be a while after the MC20’s release before the Aria aero kit is available.

The Aria Aero kit by 7 Designs seen on a Maserati MC20

It will also likely take quite a while to have the kit installed once it is ready for production. The Aria aero package is far from your basic 4-piece splitter kit.

The kit seems to be aiming for a GT3-style approach with re-designed, vented fenders, a front splitter, massive rear diffuser, roof scoop, and a very pronounced rear wing.

The overall look may seem subtle from a distance but when looking closer it’s clear that 7Designs have re-worked several parts of the MC20.

If you like what you see and you’re willing to wait then you’re going to want to make moves now. 7 Designs has said that they will only produce 25 Aria aero kits total.

They’re currently taking inquires for potential customers but be warned, the Maserati MC20 Aria kit is definitely not going to be cheap. In fact, 7 Designs doesn’t even list a price on their website.

What do you think of the 7 Designs Aria aero kit for the Maserati MC20? Are they crazy to have started up a company just to make this kit for this one car? Or are they creative geniuses?

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[Source: 7 Designs via Hypebeast]

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