PlayStation Quietly Adjusts Gran Turismo 7 Release Window [VIDEO]

Back in early November, a video was released on the official PlayStation YouTube channel previewing games coming soon to the PlayStation 5 (PS5). In that video there was text at the bottom that stated Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) is targeted for a release in the “first half of 2021”.

However, it seems like that has changed. PlayStation has altered the original video to show new text which now only states Gran Turismo 7 as being “in development. As seen above.

Afterward, a new video was uploaded to the PlayStation channel showing a few seconds of new GT7 gameplay. At the bottom of the screen with text that reads “Coming 2021”.

There is additional texts which also states that GT7 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5. This serves as confirmation that anyone who wants to play the next Gran Turismo game, will definitely need to upgrade to the PS5.

Though, anyone who follows video games even on a casual level knows that PS5 consoles are exceptionally difficult to come by right now; That is unless someone is willing to pay twice or even three times the price for a PS5 on eBay.

Sony has promised to ramp up production of PlayStation 5 consoles starting at the end of this year which should make them at least a little easier to obtain in 2021.

Neither PlayStation, or Polyphony Digital released an official statement for the reasoning behind this change. Though, it seems to suggest that the development team will need more time to get Gran Turismo 7 ready for release.

Any Gran Turismo fans know by now that Kazunori Yamauchi (creative director) is definitely not afraid to delay a game if it doesn’t meet his standards.

What do you think? Does this count as an official “delay” for GT7? Or do you think a full year window was always part of the plan? Also, do you think Gran Turismo 7 will meet its 2021 target?

Let me know in the comments below or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.

To watch the new promotional video for yourself, scroll below.

PS5 New and Upcoming Games trailer



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