Daniel Ricciardo Joins A Rock Band For A Day [VIDEO]

Formula 1 is a very serious sport. Rising to the ranks of an F1 driver requires years of dedication, discipline, skill, time, and money.

Due to that, many F1 drivers tend to have reputations for being stoic, straight edged, and overly serious.

Then you have a guy like Daniel Ricciardo. Daniel has been one of the top F1 drivers for a long time now. There is no question that he has the determination and the talent to be a championship contender as he frequently gets to the podium.

Yet, he is also known for being the funniest, care-free driver on the grid. Even when he has bad luck on track, the Aussie driver can still be found with a big smile on his face in post race interviews.

In fact, his smile is one of his trademarks. Well, that and drinking champagne out of his sweaty racing shoe when it makes it on the podium AKA doing a “Shoey”.

He even got Lewis Hamilton in on it at the end of the last race.

As you can imagine, a fun-loving guy like Daniel is quite the music fan and in the latest video on his YouTube channel he got to make his Rockstar dream come true.

Ricciardo is a big fan of “Gang of Youths” which is an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia.

Daniel Ricciardo's YouTube vlog "No Brakes" episode 4. Daniel hangs out with Australian indie band "Gang Of Youths"

The band invited Ricciardo to a recording session in London and after completely fanboying out, Daniel got to hop on the drums and even lay down some vocals for a track they’re working on.

Will Daniel discover a musical talent that was once dormant, retire from F1 and become Australia’s answer to Dave Grohl?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Though, if you ask Daniel, he thinks he is already destined for a Grammy.

Daniel Ricciardo: No Brakes Ep 4Wi

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