DiRT 5 Will Release On November 10th For Xbox Series X [UPDATE 2]

UPDATE 9-9-20: The official DiRT twitter account confirmed that DiRT 5 will be a launch title for Xbox Series X and Series S as I suspected yesterday.

The announcement followed a tweet from Xbox this morning which confirmed the Xbox Series X price at $499 and release date of November 10th which is the same date as the Xbox Series S.

That means if you’re planning on getting an Xbox Series S or Series X you can play the upgraded “next gen” version of DiRT 5 starting on November 10th.

Xbox also confirmed today that the Series S console is capable of running games at 120fps, so players won’t need to spring for the more expensive Series X console if they want to experience the high frame rate.

Anyone not planning on getting the new consoles right away, can get DiRT 5 for Xbox One on November 6th, 2020; Whenever they upgrade to the next gen consoles, they can upgrade their copy of DiRT 5 for free via Xbox’s “Smart Delivery” program.

Currently it is unclear if there will be a similar upgrade path for PlayStation users.

Alright, I think that covers everything. Oh wait no! there is one more thing! Codemasters also dropped a brand new gameplay trailer today showing off one of the New York courses featuring rally cars racing on a frozen East River in an event called the “Ice Breaker”. Check that out below.


UPDATE 9-8-20: This morning Codemasters released a new statement regarding the delay stating: “The revised launch date will allow Codemasters to release all versions of the game in a shorter timeframe.”

Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier commented “The revised launch date will allow us to take advantage of the next generation console launches which are expected in time for the holiday season.”

It should also be noted that earlier today Xbox confirmed that the Xbox Series S, a next gen console that is less powerful than the Series X, will release on November 10th. While Codemasters has not confirmed if the next gen versions of DiRT 5 will be launch titles, it is highly possible that they will be.

Though at this point the PlayStation 5 release date is still unknown. That being said, it is also very possible that Codemasters will wait until all next gen consoles have released before dropping the next gen version of DiRT 5.

Going back to Codemasters’ statement and the CEO’s comment, it is not immediately clear if grouping all the versions of the game closer together was the reason for the delay or if it is just a happy side-effect. Either way, I am still very much looking forward to trying out DiRT 5.

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In “not so awesome” news, today it was announced on twitter that DiRT 5‘s release has been delayed. No specific reason was cited by Codemasters for the delay but with considering that many people are working from home right now due to the global pandemic, it is not all surprising that meeting deadlines is a bit harder than usual.

The good news is that the game has only been delayed by about three weeks. Instead of the original October 16th, 2020 date DiRT 5 will now release on November 6th 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), and PC.

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5) versions coming later this year and a Google Stadia version coming in “early 2021”.

Those who have pre-ordered DiRT 5 will get early access to the game on November 3rd.

Waiting an extra three weeks is a bummer but if it means a better game at the end then I’m all for it. Hopefully the game won’t be delayed any further. I am really looking forward to trying out the new “Playgrounds” mode that was recently revealed.

You can read the full statement about the delay below.

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