Ken Block’s Gymkhana Recreated In Forza Paint Stop Motion

Often times the best art and creativity comes from constrained environments. For example, creating incredible, sometimes photo-realistic images in Forza’s paint mode. This is something that is incredibly difficult to do as everything is put together using shapes rather than being “drawn”.

Effectively all those incredibly detailed liveries you see in the Forza paint shop are mosaics that have been painstakingly created one piece at a time.

Impressive right? Now imagine someone doing that thousands of times over and over again capturing each image one at a time and stitching it all together into an animation that re-creates one of the most viewed automotive videos of all time?

That is exactly what Forza painter “PTG Fox” did. Over the course of 6 months and 1000-plus hours PTG created a graphical stop motion version of a Ken Block gymkhana video complete with the iconic “jump drift” maneuver!

The full clip is about 13 seconds but every bit of it is incredibly impressive when considering the work it took to make each frame. Everything you see has to be made from scratch using only a mosaic of shapes.

Check it out below if you want to have your mind blown


6 months.
1000+ hours.
1 @ForzaMotorsport paint booth
A gazillion little shapes


— PTG FOX (@For_Fox_Ache) August 10, 2020

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