This Porsche Office Chair Definitely Costs More Than My Car (Video)

Automotive themed office furniture is nothing new.  Though in the last few years it seems that such products are becoming more and more luxury oriented, thus making them more elaborate.  What you see here is Porsche’s newest office chair based off the seats found in the current range of 911 models.

It definitely looks the part and is made from authentic Porsche leather.  It even has the same seat adjustments as the chairs in the road cars and the back rest is adjusted with an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery (because who wants to have to plug in their office chair right?).

Porsche_Office_Chair_1 Porsche_Office_Chair_2 Porsche_Office_Chair_3 Porsche_Office_Chair_4

Now obviously a legit Porsche 911 seat you can use in your office is not going to come cheap, but it may shock some of you to know that this piece of furniture costs $5,690.  I won’t say it is overpriced but no matter how you slice it, that is a lot of money to spend on something you sit in to look over spreadsheets or browse facebook.

Porsche_RS_Office_Chair_1 Porsche_RS_Office_Chair_2 Porsche_RS_Office_Chair_3

What’s more surprising is that this isn’t even the most expensive office chair Porsche sells.  There is an RS version with alcantara and contrasting stitching.  That model will set you back $6,569.

That is definitely more than I’ve paid for any car I’ve ever owned.  But hey, if I could afford it I would totally buy one of these.  To get a closer look, just click any of the thumbnails or watch the slightly melodramatic video below.


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