Hype: 2017 Ford GT Specs Released!

When I was first introduced to the Ford GT, I was dumbfounded by just how damn good it looked and by Ford’s desire to once again head back into the supercar market.  Obviously, the interwebs wanted to know more about it but Ford remained pretty tight lipped.   I tried to coax a few new details from Henry Ford III during an interview but he was pretty vague as well.  The only thing we knew for sure is that Ford would be gunning for the “Lamborghini” price class and that they claimed the 2017 Ford GT would make “over 600 horsepower” from its twin-turbo Eco-Boost V6.

Well now that we’re getting closer to the Ford GT’s release and all the buyers have already been chosen and even spec’d out their cars, Ford decided this would be a good time to release all of their new supercar’s specs.  The GT’s horsepower, torque, weight, gear ratios, are now public information that can be viewed on a PDF sheet.  However, we’ll get to the point and give you a few of the important numbers.

The 2017 Ford GT will officially make 647 horsepower and 550ft-lbs of torque from its 3.5 liter turbocharged V6.  Its dry weight will be just a touch over 3,000lbs which makes it heavier than the McLaren 675LT but lighter than the Ferrari 488.  The top speed is rated at 216mph though for some reason Ford did not release the GT’s official 0-60 time.  I guess they’ll leave that up to the journalists.

What do you think of the Ford GT’s specs?  Are they what you expected?  Did you expect more?  Did you expect less?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet to us at @MotoworldHype.

For the full spec sheet check out the source links below or click the red link above.

[Source: Ford GT Spec Sheet and Ford Performance Blog]

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