Hype Bowl 2014: The Three Worst Car Commercials AKA The Whack Three (Video)


I showed you the best now its time for me to show you the god awful.  It never ceases to amaze me how a huge multi-million dollar company can spend a huge portion of those millions on ad space for one of the most watched television events in the world, yet still drop the ball so hard on executing a commercial.  Heck, really it doesn’t even have to be a “great’ commercial as long as its adequate but sometimes they can’t even hit the mediocre mark!  What’s going on people?!  Sigh…ok lets get this over with.. scroll down please.

Third Place: “Doberhuahua” – Audi

This was more of a disappointment than a straight out bad commercial.  First of all lets not get it twisted: I am not an Audi hater.  In fact, I like Audi a lot which makes this spot all the more disappointing.  Audi has been doing some seriously crazy stuff over the last few months.  Remember all that cool new tech they showed off at CES? Laser beam headlights? Cars that can read street signs and park themselves?  They’re practically living 5 years in the future but instead of showcasing any of that (the way they did when they partnered up with Marvel and Iron Man) they bring us some weird monster movie throw back staring a creepy mutant dog!  What the heck Audi?!  There is so much more that could have been done here!  I weep at the possibilities…  Next year Audi better come correct!

Second Place: “Nice” – Hyundai

Oh Hyundai, like Audi you did so little with so much.  When I first learned that Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki would be the lead in Hyundai’s Super Bowl spot I had very high hopes going in.  Imagine my disappointment after watching what transpired.  I am still not even totally sure what was going on in this spot.  Whatever this girl says just magically happens to poor Johnny yet he still can’t get the hint that he stop trying to hit on her from a moving vehicle? BLAH!  Dude! I know its a cheap tactic but they could have played off of Johnny’s Big Bang character Leonard Hofstadter!  This could have been so much better than it was!  Instead it just ended up as a confusing mess.

First Place: “The Truth” – Kia

Here it is. The worst of the worst.  What Kia did here is so bad its baffling!  No matter what your opinion of the Matrix movies are, I think we can all agree that the character Morpheus is awesome.  Yet, the folks at Kia drove up to Lawrence Fishburn’s house with a truck full of money and convinced him that turning the folk hero for the entire people struggling for freedom from robotic overlords into a shill for the K900 was a good idea.  I guess there really are no plans for another Matrix movie otherwise there is no way I can see the studio allowing this farce to happen!  Thanks to Kia I can no longer take Morepheus seriously!  PRO TIP: When trying to advertise your car, don’t ruin a Sci-Fi icon in the process!! FAIL-SAUCE!!

There you have it.  The three worst (in my opinion) car commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.  Now just to be clear I don’t dislike any of the brands mentioned in this post.  I really like Audi and Hyundai won me over with the Genesis coupe and Kia…well I don’t dislike Kia.  I am only singling these companies out because of the commercials they made this year, which just happened to not be so great.  Really, I want ALL car commercials during the Super Bowl to be awesome but that wont happen unless the OEMs and the ad agencies they hire know what not to do.  So consider this a loving (albeit pointed) critique.  Let us all hope that these guys do much better next year!

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