Hype Video: Arvou HKS Honda S2000 Attemps Sub-Minute Lap At Tsukuba Circuit


Back in the day completing a sub-minute lap at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan was a very big deal.  These days with the leaps and bounds made in tuning tech, serious time attack cars are starting to knock on the door of 50 second laps, even quicker really.  However, changing the equation from a fully prepped time attack car to a car that has a stock engine block is a whole another story.  A while back I showed you a preview of the new HKS GT Supercharger fitted on the Arvou S2000.  Well, recently the Arvou team took their S2k to Tsukuba in an attempt to click off a 59 second lap.  Keep in mind that besides the Supercharger, the Arvou S2000 has a stock engine block!  Do they pull it off? Is the HKS GT Supercharger really THAT good?  Watch the video below to find out.  Oh, and before you ask, they were in fact running street radial tires.

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