SEMA 2013: Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia Is What Happens When Japan And Italy Make Awesome Together


It was the talk of the show before the show even started.  As soon as the internet saw the words “Liberty Walk” and “Ferrari 458 Italia” together it just became one big waiting period before they could finally feast their eyes upon the final creation.  Most thought that the car would not be seen before SEMA but that was hardly the case.  Almost two weeks before the big show the Liberty Walk Ferrari was all over the place! And it was rightly so.  I mean how could anyone expect to keep this much awesome contained for very long?

SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_1 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_2 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_3 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_4 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_5

While other lucky individuals were happily instagramming and facebook-ing this car to their heart’s content, I had to wait my turn at SEMA when visiting the Nitto Tire booth.  Which was totally fine with me!  Even though I have a few pictures here (click the thumbnails for larger versions) I have to say that this car must be looked at up close to fully appreciate.

SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_8 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_9 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_12

The funny part is I cannot completely explain what makes this car so fresh.  The lines of the Liberty Walk wide fenders really do lend themselves nicely to the already sexy lines of the 458.  But, there is something more.  Something that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Perhaps its the idea of the thing.  The audacity, the sheer boldness of someone taking a brand new $250k Italian super car and cutting it up to add a widebody kit is something that is so jarring that it somehow shocks me into admiration.

SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_15 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_16 SEMA2013_LibertyWalkFerrari458_17

Whether you like this aero design or not the principal behind this build is the very personification of what we all wish we could do.  Buy any car we want, and do whatever we want to it because its what we want to do.  It speaks of freedom, brashness, and carpe-ing all the diems we get our hands on.

The name “Liberty Walk” is starting to make a lot of sense now…

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