SEMA 2013: A Duo Of RWB Porsches Make An Appearance


You know one thing I never get tired of looking at? RWB Porsches! I know they aren’t up everyone’s alley but I think they are pretty damn fresh.  Despite all the widebody cars showing up at SEMA this year I was only able to find two RWB examples.  Which shouldn’t really be that surprising.  There is only one way to get an RWB car built here in the US and that is from RWB USA directly and at a rate of one-at-a-time it will be a while before we see a big collection of them here in the states.

SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_1 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_2 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_3 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_4 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_5


Either way it was still pretty nice to come across two at the SEMA show.  The first was something of a high profile build and the latest out of the RWB shop and it was parked on some prime real estate in the Toyo Tires booth and the other was in the ISS tuning booth in the south hall and they were both beautiful!  Click the thumbnails for larger pictures and stay tuned for the rest of my SEMA coverage!

SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_16 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_15 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_13 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_12 SEMA2013_RWB_Porsche_9



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