F1 Hype: United States Grand Prix Yeeeeehaawwwww! (Quick Result And Video)


Hey ya’ll did you miss that lil ol’- OK you know what? I can’t do the fake cowboy Texas cliché thing anymore I am just going to go back to regular typing.  Anyhow if you missed the United States Grand Prix this weekend and forgot to tape it then we have the results below.  As far as notable occurrences there wasn’t many to speak of really.  The biggest news of the weekend was Kimi Raikkonen sitting out this race and the last race due to a “back injury”.  Yes, I am sure it is completely isolated and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Lotus hasn’t paid him a “single Euro” so far this season.  Anyway scroll down below for the race results and a video of the race recap from NBC Sports.


1st place: Sebastian Vettel (this makes his 8th win in a row setting a new record for most consecutive wins in a season)

2nd place: Romain Grosjean

3rd place: Mark Webber (This was Webber’s final F1 race. He is retiring from F1 to start his endurance racing career)

Race Recap:

[Photo: F1Fanatic.co.uk]

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