Hype Video: Need For Speed Full Trailer Makes Me Raise My Fists To The Heaven And Ask “Why?!”


OK I will be the first to admit that when the news broke that a Need For Speed movie was in the works, I was a little harsh.  Then I actually started to have some hope for the film when I heard that Michael Keaton would be involved.  Well today the full trailer has been released and my God…

First thing I will say is: you know how people tell you not to expect a particularly deep story or incredible acting performances when watching an action movie?  That edict could not be more true in this case.  Seriously if you go to watch this movie for anything more than the desire to watch cars go really fast and blow up then I predict you will be massively disappointed.  There are so many car puns and action movie clichés in trailer alone that if someone made it into a drinking game they’d be passed out by the time the two and a half minute preview was over.

Then there’s Keaton.  I was expecting him to play a cool eccentric bad guy but by the looks of things he may just be a throw back to the radio jockey from Vanishing Point.

The part that hurts the most though are the cars.  If you’ve played any of the previous Need For Speed games you know that typically there are a ton of six figure super cars at the center of gameplay.  They tried to do the same thing for this film but there was a problem.  They can’t really flip, jump, and blow up a bunch of McLaren P1’s and Koenigseggs so they had to make replicas.  The rub is these replicas look like cheap kit car knock-offs!

Although, maybe I am still being too harsh.  This is still just a trailer and films like the latest Fast And Furious showed the world that a movie can still be incredibly entertaining despite its dialogue.

The main thing I’m counting on is the elaborate driving stunts which as it seems are mostly done practically.  That means very little to no CG.  This is thanks in part to top notch stunt drivers like Tanner Foust and Samuel Hubinette.  I am counting on them to save this film!  With that I will end my whining and invite you to scroll down and watch the trailer below to come to your own conclusions.

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