Wheel Hype: Weds Sport SA-50M Is Five Spoke Freshness

How long has it been since I’ve done a wheel post?  Too damn long!  Although honestly the reason is because I have not seen any new designs lately have piqued my interest; until today!  Granted the Weds Sport SA-50M may not be that “new” (although it still says the design is new on the website) but its new to me!  I really love the almost “sculpled” shape of the spokes and the grove (which kind of resembles a sword blade) is pretty sweet.  I can see a lot of people having fun doing custom paint schemes with this design.

I think in the near future this wheel will really catch on with the Scion FR-S crowd.  If you want to be among the first then I suggest you hit up your local Weds Sport dealer ASAP!


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