Hype Toy: A Bathing Ape x Transformers Convoy Optimus Prime = AWESOME

Transfomers have and always will be awesome.  Thus, anything else associated with Transfomers has its awesome-ness increased exponentially by association (although an argument will probably be made in the case of Michael Bay).  So when something that is already awesome joins forces with Transformers it makes for a head exploding concoction of amazballs!

Now that the awesome math lesson is over, check out this colab toy with A Bathing Ape and Transformers!  Its Optimus Prime dawned with “BAPE” red camo!  How cool is that?! (that was extremely rhetorical).

The only “not awesome” part of this whole deal is that the limited edition Optimus will only be available at BAPE’s Harajuku store front.  It will run for about $80 USD but given its limited quantity and exclusive retail location I would expect to see these on eBay for hundreds of dollars; Which I suppose is still cheaper than a trip to Japan right?


[Source: Hypebeast.com]

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