SPOTTED: Awesome Metal Art Frankenstein Turbo Diesel Truck (With Bullets!)

When I went to Cars & Coffee last weekend I feasted my eyes on a wonderful mix of high end exotic cars and pristine classics.  There was also a mix of tuner cars and a healthy helping of modern muscle.  Just when I felt like I had seen everything and began to make my way out, I was stopped in my tracks by a machine that was more unique than any other car there (counting the Bugatti Veyron). 


The first thing I noticed was a huge turbo charger adorned in a belt of bullets wrapped around its rusted turbine housing.  Further inspection found a vintage beer can used as a radiator overflow tank and my personal favorite: a hand made of bolts flipping the bird as the hood ornament!


The cab seems to be from a Diamond T, a classic heavy duty truck built back in the early 50’s but the engine upfront is a modern Dodge turbo-diesel.  The back featured a truck bed made up of what looked to be gothic style wrought iron gating.  The only item taking up any space in the back being a large race style fuel tank.


Taking a close look at the exhaust stack I found another awesome detail: a spark plug headed creature made up of bike chains and screws.  It was awesome!  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to talk with the owner to learn the story behind this creation.  But! You can bet that if I see this truck again I will get the scoop on it!  For now, click on the thumbnails for pics I shot before the awesome monster took off.

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