F1 Hype: Belgian Grand Prix Quick Results (With Video)

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The weekend was a big one for motorsports fans.  There was Indy Car in Pennsylvania (even though it ended on a bad note), Drifting in Texas, and Formula 1 in Belgium.  If you happened to miss out on that last one, we have the official Belgian GP results for you below along with a race recap by the guys at NBC sports.  Scroll down for all the info.


2015 Belgian Grand Prix Results:

1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Nico Rosberg
3rd: Romain Grosjean

Race recap:

Current top 5 points standings:

1st: Lewis Hamilton (227pts)
2nd: Nico Rosberg (199pts)
3rd: Sebastian Vettel (160pts)
4th: Kimi Raikkonen (82pts)
5th: Felipe Massa (82pts)

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F1 Hype: Hungarian Grand Prix Quick Result (With Video)

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What? You didn’t watch the F1 race this weekend?  What the heck were you doing then?  Watching Paper Towns?  Ugh fine, I’ll give you the results to get you caught up but next time you’re own your own!  …Who am I kidding?  I can’t stay mad at you!  I got your back!  Anyway, scroll down for official results of the Hungarian GP and a race recap from NBC Sports.


2015 Hungarian Grand Prix Results:

1st: Sebastian Vettel (Vettel dedicated his win to the late Jules Bianchi)
2nd: Daniil Kvyat
3rd: Daniel Riccardo

Race recap:

2015 Formula One World Championship Driver Standings:

1st: Lewis Hamilton -202 points
2nd: Nico Rosberg -181 points
3rd: Sebastian Vettel -160 points
4th: Valtteri Bottas -77 points
5th: Kimi Raikkonen -76 points

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F1 Hype: British Grand Prix Quick Result (With Video)

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With America celebrating its birthday this weekend it was probably easy to forget to watch the British GP on Sunday morning.  Especially if you were still recovering from copious amounts of BBQ and blowing stuff up.  As per usual we are your motorsport wing man and we have you covered for the quick results.  There is also a race review video from NBC sports below as well to make sure you see all the important bits.


2015 British Grand Prix Results:

1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Nico Rosberg
3rd: Sebastian Vettel

2015 British Grand Prix Recap:

2015 Formula One World Championship Driver Standings:

1st: Lewis Hamilton -194 points
2nd: Nico Rosberg -177 points
3rd: Sebastian Vettel -135 points
4th: Valtteri Bottas -77 points
5th: Kimi Raikkonen -76 points

[Photo: Mercedes]

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Hype Video: New F1 2015 Trailer Lists New Game Modes And Shows Off Beautiful Capabilities Of New Game Engine

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Codemasters F1 2015 is coming out soon and we are definitely excited for it.  We had a taste of it at E3 2015 last month and while it was just a short experience we enjoyed it.  Now, it is obviously still possible that once the full game comes out there may be a pile of things we hate about it.  But, that seems unlikely at this point.  Today, just before the British Grand Prix weekend Codemasters has released a new trailer which lists off some of F1 2015’s game modes and features as well as demonstrates the kind of imagery their new game engine can muster.  They also released some in-game Silverstone screen shots as well.  Check out the trailer and the screen shot gallery below!

F1 2015 “Features” Trailer:

F1 2015 Silverstone Gallery:

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E3 2015: We Play Codemasters F1 2015! We Suck At It But It Was Still Pretty Sweet!

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I got to play plenty of racing games at E3 this year but the game I was really looking forward to getting my hands on was the new F1 game from Codemasters.  F1 2015 is the first Codemasters F1 game on the new crop of gaming consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One).  Not to say that the previous F1 games haven’t been awesome but I always knew that if they had a more powerful console at their disposal the team could really create something cool.  So, how is it looking so far?  Check out my gameplay impression as well as a quick interview with Mr. Lee Mather who is the Principal Game designer for F1 2015.  You can also click the thumbnails for HD screen shots!

Gameplay impression:

Dev Interview:

Screen shots:

Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_1 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_2 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_3 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_4 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_5

Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_6 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_7 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_8 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_9 Codemasters_F1_2015_screenshot_10

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F1 Hype: Austrian Grand Prix Quick Result (Video)

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Did you miss the F1 race while you were hanging out with your dad for Father’s Day?  No worries, we got you covered.  Simply scroll below for the official results of the Austrian Grand Prix along with a two part-race re-cap by Will Buxton.



2015 Austrian GP Results:

1st: Nico Rosberg
2nd: Lewis Hamilton
3rd: Felipe Massa

2015 Formula One Top 5 Points Standings:

1st: Lewis Hamilton 169 points
2nd: Nico Rosberg 159 points
3rd: Sebastian Vettel 120 points
4th: Kimi Raikkonen 72 points
5th: Valtteri Bottas 62 points

Will Buxton Recap Part 1

Will Buxton Recap Part 2

[Photo: Sutton Motorsport Images]

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Hype News: Memorial Day Motorsport Round Up Results (Video)

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There is a very good chance that during the holiday weekend in-between honoring our fallen heroes and throwing another delicious edible on the grill you may have forgotten that Memorial Day weekend is also the biggest motorsport weekend of the year with the Monaco Grand Prix, The Indy 500, and the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 (if you’re into that kind of thing, which we aren’t so that’ll be the last NASCAR mention in this post) were all on the same day.  If this indeed did happen to you then no worries, we’ll give you the quick info right here in this post.

Fair warning: this post is only for those who want just the results from the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix.  If you plan on watching those events later then RUN! Run away now!


Formula One Monaco Grand Prix Results:

1st: Nico Rosberg
2nd: Sebastian Vettel
3rd: Lewis Hamilton

Monaco Grand Prix Recap:

Indy Car Series Indianapolis 500 Results:

1st: Juan Pablo Montoya
2nd: Will Power
3rd: Charlie Kimball

Indy 500 Highlights:

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F1 Hype: Spanish Grand Prix Quick Results (Video)

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Miss out on the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend?  No worries we got you covered!  Just scroll below for the official podium results and below that you can check out a race re-cap from the guys at NBC Sports.  It was a pretty crazy race that shook up the points as you’ll see.


Spanish Grand Prix Results:

1st: Nico Rosberg
2nd: Lewis Hamilton
3rd: Sebastian Vettel

2015 Driver Standings:

1st: Lewis Hamilton – 111 points
2nd: Nico Rosberg – 91 points
3rd: Sebastian Vettel – 80 points
4th: Kimi Raikkonen – 51 points
5th: Valtteri Bottas – 42 points

Spanish Grand Prix Race Re-Cap:

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Video Game Hype: Lewis Hamilton Is Front And Center On Codemasters F1 2015 Box Art.

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Codemasters latest F1 game and its first on the new consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4) is only about a month and a half away from its June release but new tidbits are still making their way out to the interwebs.  In the latest release Codemasters has revealed the official box art for F1 2015 and it features 2014 F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.  Joining Lewis on the cover is four time champion Sebastian Vettel, two time champion Fernando Alonso, Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Riccardo, and F1 mainstay Felipe Massa.  Noticeably missing from the box is Lewis’ main rival Nico Rosberg or “Mr Personality” AKA Kimi Raikkonen.

You might be asking yourself why this box art is newsworthy.  Well the main answer to that is the fact that there are actual drivers on the box this time.  This is something uncommon to the Codemasters F1 series.  Nearly every Codemasters F1 game so far has featured a non-descript driver and car on the cover.  Whether this was done to make it easier for players to imagine themselves in the role of an F1 driver or if it was simply because of legal stuff is unknown.  Before now F1 2012 was the only game that featured any kind of actual F1 likeness and even then no driver’s faces were actually seen, just their cars.

So, not only is this box the first ever in the Codemasters F1 series to feature actual driver faces but its also only the second box to show actual cars with their liveries.  Personally, I like this route better than the stig-ish look of the other boxes.  Hopefully this trend continues!  Oh, one more thing.  Codemasters also released some new tasty screen shots for you to enjoy.  Check them out along with the new box art by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Codemasters_F1_2015_ScreenShot_1 Codemasters_F1_2015_ScreenShot_2 Codemasters_F1_2015_ScreenShot_3 Codemasters_F1_2015_ScreenShot_4 Codemasters_F1_2015_ScreenShot_5


What do you think about the F1 2015 box art?  Do you like the fact that they are using real drivers on the cover?  Or do you prefer the “driver with no name” route from before?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype 

[Source: Formula1-Game.com]

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F1 Hype: Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix Quick Result (With Video)

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OK, this time I’m not going to jab you about missing the F1 race, because I missed it too!  Although that is mostly because I was busy covering the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach in my own backyard (more on that to come!).  Anyhow if you just need to know who won and want to see a few highlights (courtesy of NBC Sports) then scroll below!


Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix Results:

1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Kimi Raikkonen
3rd: Nico Rosberg

Race Highlights:

2015 Driver Points Standings thus far:

1st: Lewis Hamilton (93 pts)
2nd: Nico Rosberg (66 pts)
3rd: Sebastian Vettel (65 pts)
4th: Kimi Raikkonen (44 pts)
5th: Felipe Massa (31 pts)

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