F1 Hype: Chinese Grand Prix Quick Result (With Video)

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Did you miss the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend?  Well don’t feel bad because I missed it too.  Luckily I have my trusty F1 app to keep me updated but in case you aren’t so lucky then simply scroll down for the official results.  Below that is a short highlights real from the guys at NBC Sports.




1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Nico Rosberg
3rd: Fernando Alonso

Race highlights:

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F1 Hype: Bahrain Grand Prix Quick Results (With Video)

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With all the craziness of Formula D happening in my back  yard I missed the Bahrain Grand Prix, which was apparently full of craziness.  I followed a long as much as I could with my trusty F1 app but not quite the same!  Anyhow if you missed it too and have no idea who won then scroll down below for the results and a quick video recap of the race.


1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Nico Rosberg
3rd: Sergio Perez

Video Recap:

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Hype Video: Drift Opinions WIth Joey Redmond Of Wrecked Magazine

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The 2014 Formula Drift season kicks off this weekend in downtown Long Beach and one of the favorite things for my fellow journalists and other colleagues to do is hang around at media day and BS about things like who we think will win the title before the season starts, liveries that we like, liveries that we hate, and we usually end up going off on some other motorsport tangent like F1.  As you can imagine this is a pretty fun activity, but its beyond fun when Wrecked Magazine creator/editor in chief Joey Redmond joins in.  Seriously, this dude’s filter is seriously clogged and its marvelous.  Despite knowing him for a while I am still surprised by some of the things that come out of his mouth so this year I figured I needed to get some of this on film.  So, below we present to you “Drift Opinions” with Joey Redmond… DISCLAIMER: The opinions reflected in the video below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MotorworldHype and its affiliates (if we had any) also we had some audio problems so the background noise is a little loud, blah blah blah… Ok scroll down and watch then commence flaming!

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F1 Hype: Malaysian Grand Prix Quick Results (With Video)

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I fell a little behind the ball on the F1 season but I am kicking things off with the second round at the typically unpredictable Malaysian Grand Prix.  Australia left a bad taste in many mouths with several top contentenders bowing out early due to problems with their new turbo V6 power plants.  This was the time for their engineers to redeem themselves and not only finish a race but contend for a win.  The weekend started off much like Australia did with Lewis Hamilton capturing the pole position.  Was he able to actually capitalize on that this time?  What about Sebastian Vettel?  Did the young German return to form?  Scroll down for the results and the official race re-cap.


1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Nico Rosberg
3rd: Sebastian Vettel

Race Recap:

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News: Michael Schumacher In Coma After Skiing Accident (VIDEO UPDATE 1-2-14)

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It really sucks to come back from our little break with bad news but in case any of you F1 fans have not heard yet, 7 time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher is currently in a medically induced coma after hitting his head in a skiing accident while in France.

He was on an unmarked ski slope with his 14 year old son when he lost control and hit his head against a rock.  Michael was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident but the impact was still great enough to cause significant damage.  Although it was reported that when ambulance was air lifting Schumacher to the hospital he was awake but dazed.  Upon reaching the hospital doctors felt it was best to medically put Michael into a coma so they could work on stopping any bleeding and/or swelling of his brain.

As of now Michael is in continuous care and his condition has been described as “life threatening” and his future at this point is uncertain.  The full extent of his injuries are still unknown but racing fans all over the world including myself are all hoping that Schumacher comes out of this ordeal OK.

I will try to report any new developments on this as they become available.

Our thoughts are with the Schumacher family as well as Michael’s close friends at this difficult time.

UPDATE 1-2-14: According to a report today from NBC World news Schumacher’s condition has gotten “slightly” better according to the specialists working on him.  He is currently “stable” but still “critical” however there was a “window of opportunity” for surgeons to remove a few major blood clots from Michael’s brain.  He also remains in a medically induced coma while also having his body temperature carefully regulated to help reduce brain swelling.  His team of doctors recently held a news conference in which the situation was explained in a bit more detail.  You can watch the NBC report below.

[Sources: BBC, Chicago Tribune, NBC World News]

[Photo: Reuters]

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F1 Hype: United States Grand Prix Yeeeeehaawwwww! (Quick Result And Video)

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Hey ya’ll did you miss that lil ol’- OK you know what? I can’t do the fake cowboy Texas cliché thing anymore I am just going to go back to regular typing.  Anyhow if you missed the United States Grand Prix this weekend and forgot to tape it then we have the results below.  As far as notable occurrences there wasn’t many to speak of really.  The biggest news of the weekend was Kimi Raikkonen sitting out this race and the last race due to a “back injury”.  Yes, I am sure it is completely isolated and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Lotus hasn’t paid him a “single Euro” so far this season.  Anyway scroll down below for the race results and a video of the race recap from NBC Sports.


1st place: Sebastian Vettel (this makes his 8th win in a row setting a new record for most consecutive wins in a season)

2nd place: Romain Grosjean

3rd place: Mark Webber (This was Webber’s final F1 race. He is retiring from F1 to start his endurance racing career)

Race Recap:

[Photo: F1Fanatic.co.uk]

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Gaming Hype: Microsoft Drops 2 New Forza Motorsport 5 Gameplay Videos For Your Enjoyment

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In just 10 days Xbox One will be released upon the world and all of us crazy kids can finally get our hands on Forza Motorsport 5.  In anticipation, or maybe just to goad us further, Microsoft has released two new gameplay videos.  One of the Lotus E21 F1 car taking a full lap around Yas Marina Circuit and another of the Audi R18 taking a lap of LeMans.  Both videos will make you throw tantrums and ask “Why don’t I have Forza 5 now?! Waagghh!”  Just me? Ok nevermind… Just watch the videos!

Lotus E21

Audi R18

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Hype Video: Latest McLaren Tooned Episode Tells Mika Hakkinen’s Super Hero Orgin Story

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Driving a Formula 1 car is hard; very hard.  In fact, it could be argued that it takes super-human levels of mental and physical strength to drive a Formula car.  So does that mean that F1 drivers could be seen as superheros?  While as unlikely as that seems you might change your mind after watching the newest episode of McLaren’s “Tooned” series which tells “The Flying Finn’s” AKA Mika Hakkinen’s origin story.

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F1 Hype: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Quick Result With Video)

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With the championship decided and less than a handful of races left this is the time during the season in which the strong attempt to dominate and the shaky attempt to prove their worth so they can keep their seat for another season.  This past weekend F1 returned to the luxurious Yas Marina circuit to put on a show for all the local billionaires.  Who came out on top?  Scroll down for results and race highlights.


1st place: Sebastian Vettel
2nd place: Mark Webber
3rd place: Nico Rosberg

Race highlights:

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F1 Hype: Kimi Raikkonen May Sit Out Last Races Due To No Paycheck From Lotus

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Leave it to Kimi Raikkonen to stir things up just as people are getting bored with the F1 season.  According to a report from CNN sports the talented mumbly Finn is threatening to boycott the last races on the calendar this year due to non-payment from cash-strapped Lotus.

Due to Lotus’ financial situation their majority owners Genii Captial forced the team to make an arrangement that the drivers could not be paid until the end of the season and after all the final checks from their sponsors have cleared.  This is clearly not ideal for Kimi and he is starting to express it to the public and his team.  In fact Kimi has a bit of a public spat with pit boss Alan Permane at the Indian GP over the radio then again on pit lane.  When asked about the argument during a press conference Kimi tried to downplay the incident but did express the reason for his frustrations when he said:

“Sometimes it is not very nice when you hear that you are not really a team player, and you don’t have the interests of the team (at heart) — but you have been paid zero Euro the whole year”

Will Kimi stick it to Lotus by refusing to drive the last two races of the season? Or will they make up over a six pack of beer?  I guess we will find out if there is only one Lotus running at Abu Dhabi.

[Source: CNN.com]

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