Lewis Hamilton Documentary Coming to Apple TV+

Love him or hate him, Sir Lewis Hamilton has made an indelible mark in Formula 1. From the moment he first sat in an F1 car, the British driver made history as the first Black competitor in the sport.

Since then, Hamilton has earned 7 Formula 1 World Championships equalling Michael Schumacher’s record. The Brit nearly earned an 8th title but lost it in very controversial fashion.



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During his time in the sport, Lewis Hamilton has used his notoriety as a platform to speak out on social issues such as racial inequality and sexism in motorsports. He kneeled during his country’s anthem, wore shirts to bring attention to injustices such as the murder of Breonna Taylor by police, and encouraged F1 to launch the #WeRaceAsOne campaign to promote equality and fight COVID-19.

To say that his time in F1 thus far has been eventful is a massive understatement. So, it is no wonder why the story of his rise to F1 makes excellent material for a film.

Lewis Hamilton headshot - photo by Ike Edeani

Lewis Hamilton is co-producing a feature documentary focused on his life and career during ten-plus years in Formula 1. The documentary will feature “full access to Hamilton and his team on and off the track,” according to the press release.

Apple has secured the streaming rights to the documentary, and it will be available on Apple TV+. Though, a release date has yet to be announced. We are unsure if the documentary is in production now or if it has already been shot and is in the post-production process.

We will update this post once we know more.

What events in Hamilton’s career would you want to see most in this documentary? What other F1 drivers or racers, in general, should have their own documentaries? Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.




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