New Fanatec CSL Pedals Revealed

The new Fanatec CSL pedals are set to join the Fanatec CSL DD direct drive wheel base in the movement to make serious sim-racing more affordable for the masses.

In case you forgot, recently Fanatec announced the $349 CSL DD wheel base which is the first sub $400 direct-drive wheel base produced by the brand. This is notable because most direct-drive wheels are generally over $1,000 in price. Generally any sim-racing wheel below that utilizes a belt-drive system.

As shocking as that was to the sim-racing community, it seems that Fanatec is not done dropping wallet friendly sim-racing components.

Fanatec CSL Pedals

New Fanatec CSL pedals

The recently announced Fanatec CSL pedals is a full-featured pedal set that will retail for just $79.99. No, seriously that’s the price.

Furthermore, the CSL pedals still have some of the same features generally found in more expensive sim-racing pedal sets. For example, aluminum construction (with the exception of plastic pedal plates), adjustable positioning, and high-resolution contactless 12-bit “Hall” sensors.

Why are the Fanatec CSL Pedals only $79.99?

Fanatec CSL pedals with clutch pedal, load cell kit, and tuning kit upgrades

Just like with the CSL DD wheel base, we have to explore just how Fanatec was able to target such a relatively low price point.

The simple answer is that while the Fanatec CSL pedal set is full featured, it is not exactly “complete” out of the box.

Rather than having three pedals for clutch, brake, and gas, the new CSL pedal set comes with two pedals. However, a clutch pedal can be bought separately and added on.

An optional load-cell kit can be added on as well to give the brake pedal a more realistic feel.

Finally, a “tuning kit” which swaps out the plastic pedal plates for aluminum plates.

Reveal video

The Fanatec CSL pedals will be available for pre-order soon but Fanatec has not provided an exact release date yet. We do know that the pedals will release at the same time as the CSL DD wheel base. Though, the wheel base doesn’t currently have a release date either.

In the CSL pedals announcement blog post Fanatec teased even more wallet-friendly sim-racing gear by stating that “we are not done yet ;)”

What else do you think Fanatec could be working on? What type of low-cost sim-racing gear would you like them to produce next?

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