Doug DeMuro Says Ferrari FF Is A Bargain

Can the Ferrari FF really be considered a family car? At $100k, would you consider the FF to be a bargain family car? Doug DeMuro seems to think so; and he makes the case for that in his latest video.

What is the Ferrari FF?

Silver Ferrari FF hatchback

In 2011 Ferrari pretty much shocked the industry by releasing the FF. Before the FF, Ferrari became iconic by making sleek, low-slung, sports cars. Then out of nowhere Ferrari, effectively releases their first ever hatchback in the FF.

Though, some might be forgiven by mistaking the FF for a station wagon, given the optical illusion of a long wheel base in pictures.

In addition to being the first hatchback, the FF is also the first four-wheel-drive car made by Ferrari.

As you might imagine, the hatchback shape of the FF lends it to a relatively large amount of utility space when compared to other supercars.

While a Ferrari hatchback may seem weird on paper, we think the notion of a V12, 800 horsepower practical supercar is actually pretty appealing.

Unfortunately, when the Ferrari FF was new, it generally hovered around $350,000. Not a very practical price tag by any measure. However, these days someone can pick up a used FF from anywhere between $100k to $130k.

Still not cheap but, not a bad price considering what you get for the money. That changes the story quite a bit for anyone in the market today.

Doug’s take

Doug spent almost 30 minutes going over all the “quicks and features” of the Ferrari FF and he found a lot to love. On the other hand he found that the FF may not be as practical as it may appear.

Though, it was hard for him to ignore that 800+, 8,000 rpm V12 engine. He definitely has his criticisms, after all he is Doug DeMuro, but the Ferrari FF still gave him a good time.

You can see for yourself by checking out the full video above.

Do you think the Ferrari FF is a practical, supercar, bargain at $100k? If you had $100k to buy a supercar from recent history, what would you get?

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