DBS Works Miniature Replica JDM Engines

If you’ve never heard of DBS Works then you probably aren’t alone as we were unaware of them as well until recently. Imagine our shock when we learned that they make some of the most awesome items we’ve ever seen on social media.

It all started when we came across a post by automotive photographer, writer, and consultant Albert Troxas on Instagram showing off an amazing, miniature replica of a Honda B-Series engine complete with Mugen valve cover on his desk.

As you can imagine, our interest was very piqued. Albert noted that he purchased the replica from DBS Works which seems to be a small business that operates purely on Instagram.

DBS Works miniature replica Nissan RB26DETT engine

After visiting their page we were blown away to see that not only does DBS Works create Honda B-Series engine replicas but they also produce Honda K-Series engines and even the Nissan RB26DETT engine too!

DBS Works miniature Honda B-Series engine replica

Furthermore, they can actually create aftermarket parts and add them on to the replica upon request. Want a turbo on your Honda B18 replica with Mugen valve cover? They can do it!

Want to go single turbo on your RB engine instead of twin-turbos? They can do that too? What about ITB’s on a K-Series? Yep!

Beyond that, these replicas have very impressive details. So much so that if there weren’t someone’s hand or a die-cast car in the shot for scale, it is hard to tell these replicas from the real thing in certain photos.

It appears that for now DBS Works only produces B-Series, K-Series, and RB motors. Hopefully some day they’ll expand into doing others; such as the Nissan SR20 for example.

How to get a DBS Works miniature JDM engine replica

DBS Works miniature replica Honda B series engine with Mugen valve cover

If you’re interested in ordering one of these replicas for your desk you’ll need to visit the DBS Works Instagram page and drop them a DM.

You should also be prepared to wait. As far as we can tell, DBS Works is likely a small, independent creator so they probably do not have the means to 3D print and paint these replicas on a mass, rapid scale.

They are also based in Madrid, Spain so there will likely be a healthy wait on shipping as well. When we asked, Albert said it was about a month from the time he ordered it until it arrived at his home.

Pricing will likely vary depending on what engine you want and any custom mod requests made.

What kind of engine replica would you order? Let us known on Twitter at @MotorworldHype.

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