F9 Featurette Looks Back At The Beginning

F9 AKA Fast 9 AKA Fast And Furious 9 is going to hit theaters in just about a month from now on June 25th, 2021. As we get closer to that date, Universal Studios has been increasing the speed on the hype train.

F9 "The Originals" featurette.

With rumors of two more movies on the way, the Fast And Furious franchise has a lot of history to look back on. A new featurette takes things back to the beginnings of the “Fast Saga” as it’s officially called.

The short video is comprised of interviews taken from the actors on the set of the very first film, The Fast And The Furious. I realize, I’m dating myself here but I’ve been around long enough to have seen the first Fast film in theaters. I also remember watching some of these interviews on the DVD special features so this featurette hits the nostalgia button for me.

If you want to take race down memory line before you watch F9 next month then feel free to check out the featurette below.

F9 “The Originals” Featurette

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