Armored Toyota Land Cruiser Escapes Shootout Robbery Attempt (VIDEO)

Imagine driving your Toyota Land Cruiser work vehicle at speed on a local road when all of a sudden you’re attacked from both sides by gunfire. What do you do?

We know it sounds like a scene from a John Wick movie but this actually happened to two couriers in South Africa and there is video of the whole ordeal.

In an approximately 2 minute long in-car video, as the couriers were driving down an unknown road, their Toyota Land Cruiser was suddenly shot at from the driver’s side (the vehicle was right hand drive). Luckily the Toyota was an armored vehicle equipped with bulletproof glass.

Soon after the car is shot at again from the passenger side. This was clearly an organized attempt to get to whatever the couriers were transporting which is unknown to us currently.

The damaged front end of an armored 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser that was attacked by armed robbers in South Africa

The driver remained remarkably calm and seemed to control the heavy armored Toyota Land Cruiser with skill as he evaded and even fought back against the attackers by ramming their car.

In the video you can see the driver’s partner get his weapons ready in case things got even worse but luckily neither of the couriers were hurt and they were able to escape.

Close up of damaged bulletproof glass on an armored 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser courier car that was attacked by armed robbers in South Africa

Photos of the battle-damaged 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser surfaced online and it is clear to see that if it were not for the bulletproof glass, the couriers would not have made it out alive.

Driver's side view of an armored 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser that was attacked by armed robbers in South Africa

Video of the attack has gone viral getting over 220k upvotes on reddit and over 100k views on YouTube as of the time of this article. Normally, we wouldn’t share a video like this but since no one was hurt and we’re so impressed with how both couriers handled the situation, we wanted to share it with you.

Check out the video below but be warned there is some strong language and gunfire. How do you think you would have handled yourself if you were in that situation? Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

2019 Armored Toyota Land Cruiser attacked by armed robbers in South Africa

[Source: Reddit via Casey Neistat’s Twitter]

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