The Ferrari F8 Tributo Mansory F8XX Is WILD

The Mansory F8XX is what happens when you let a tuner with wild ideas get their hands on a Ferrari F8 Tributo. It’s been a while since we’ve featured any of the wild conversions from Mansory but if anything was going to get them back on our radar it’s this.

Mansory took one of the most coveted Ferrari’s in years and completely changed it up inside and out with their F8XX tuning program. As usual with Mansory creations you’ll either love this or hate it with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand suns. Let’s take a deeper dive to see which side you land on, shall we?

Mansory F8XX engine modifications

Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

Despite what you may think, the F8XX isn’t just a wild body kit. Mansory did take steps to boost the performance of Ferrari’s turbocharged F8 Tributo. Rather than do something drastic like swapping in larger turbos or stroking out the engine, Mansory took a more subtle approach.

Rather than make any drastic changes to the engine, Mansory elected to work with the F8 Tributo’s engine management computer instead; coaxing the code to unlock additional horses. To bolster the digital gains, a custom exhaust is included which also adds some power.

All together, the Mansory F8XX package has a total of 880 horsepower and 708 ft-lbs of torque. That is a 170 horsepower increase over stock. Not bad at all.


Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

Ok we don’t even know where to start with this. The Mansory F8XX has a “unique” aero package to say the least. The front end has been completely re-worked and bolstered with additional vents, winglets, and front splitter.

Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

There are pretty aggressive side skirts which also incorporate a winglet that runs along the length of the door and even past it.

Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

The rear of the car has one of the most elaborate diffusers we’ve ever seen and that’s topped off with a split rear spoiler that looks like something that would be found on an X-Wing.

Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

Oh, we also forgot to mention that nearly all the aero parts and even some of the trim pieces are made from forged carbon fiber. Seriously, almost any black piece you see on the Mansory F8XX in these pictures is made from forged carbon.

Forged carbon fiber is said to be even stronger than the traditional weaved carbon and it has the added benefit of a pretty cool looking finish.

We have no idea how aerodynamically effective this package is but we doubt that was much of a concern when Mansory was designing it.

Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

At the corners are a set of Mansory’s own one-piece YT.5 wheels that are finished in matte gold.

Finally, the exterior is sprayed in “Catania green” with gold accents. FYI: Catania is a port city on east coast of Sicily.


Mansory F8XX tuning program for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

Believe it or not, the inside of the Mansory F8XX is where things are a bit more tame. A simple treatment of beige leather with some white accents are the biggest visual changes inside the F8XX. There is also the obligatory custom embroidery of the Mansory logo on the seat headrests and some diamond quilted stitching on the floormats and interior side panels.

We have no idea how much the Mansory F8XX package costs but we can confidently guess that anyone who can afford it, doesn’t actually care about the price. If you’re one of those people then you can make an inquiry right now.

Otherwise, what do you think about the Mansory F8XX? Are you a fan of the over-the-top aero package and color way? Or do you think Mansory ruined a perfectly good Ferrari? Sound off in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

[Source: Mansory via Hypebeast]

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