Netflix Announces Bubba Wallace Docu Series

Bubba Wallace is currently the only black driver in NASCAR and for better or worse that fact has led to increased attention on him and his career. Some of that attention is positive and some of it negative.

Netflix announces documentary series featuring NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace

You probably remember Wallace making headlines last year as during the George Floyd protests he advocated for NASCAR to ban the displaying the Confederate flag at their events.

Bubba was again thrust into the spotlight in 2020 when a crew member from his team found a noose hanging in the garage the team was set to use at Taladega Speedway.

An FBI investigation concluded that the hanging of the noose was not aimed at Wallace and had been in place months before the team arrived. Though, a noose hanging in a garage is never a good look.

23XI Racing #23 Toyota Camry NASCAR side view


Things turned around for Wallace at the end of 2020 when he announced that he would be joining a new NASCAR team, 23XI Racing co-owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan and fellow driver Denny Hamlin.

Today it was announced on Twitter that Netflix will produce a documentary series that will follow Bubba throughout the 2021 season. The series will chronicle Bubba’s experiences working with a new team owned by an American icon and navigating the highest level of NASCAR as the sport’s only black driver.

Bubba himself confirmed the news on his Twitter account adding “You know me…I like to keep things real and raw.”

We currently don’t know when the series is going to release but our best guess is that Netflix will aim to have the show out before the 2022 NASCAR season begins.

Well 12 races already finished thus far in 2021 there may be a chance that Netflix already has enough material to cut a trailer for the series but that’s just speculation on our part.

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