2022 Honda Civic Prototype Revealed [VIDEO]

Yesterday the virtual cover was pulled off the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype. Actually, the car was revealed on Twitch which is the first time a OEM has ever revealed a car on the streaming service.

Why did Honda decide to do their big reveal on Twitch? Well, the big H also happens to be the only automaker in North America to be a major sponsor of an esports league and an esports team.

Honda officially backs Team Liquid and the Riot Games League Of Legends Championship Series; so it seems like this was a move to capitalize on that sweet, sweet, esports audience eyeballs.

I didn’t personally watch the stream so I have no idea what the viewership numbers were for the event but either way I like it when OEMs try new things with their marketing.

Anyway, enough marketing talk. Let’s get into this new Civic Prototype.

2022 Honda Civic Prototype

This car marks the beginning of the 11th generation Honda Civic. While the Prototype is a sedan, Honda has confirmed that the 11th generation will also include a Hatchback, Si, and Type R models.

There is no mention of a coupe so it looks like that body style is going away this time around. This likely means the next Civic Si will a sedan, hatchback, or both.

Despite this car being called a “Prototype” what is seen here is very close to the finished production version. In fact, Honda has said that 11th generation Civic will make its production debut in Spring of 2021.

That being said, Honda hasn’t even hinted at any of the technical specs for any of the 11th gen Civics. Effectively making this Prototype the debut of the new design direction.

2022 Honda Civic Prototype

Right away, I get strong European car vibes from the Civic Prototype; Especially the rear end which reminds me a lot of current Audi sedans.

The front end seems much more reserved and has a “flatter nose” than the current Civic which contributes to a more “subdued” look in my opinion.

2022 Honda Civic Prototype

It also seems like the roof line is a bit high in proportion to the res of the car but honestly that might just be an optical illusion due to the nature of the images.

I don’t dislike it but at the same time I don’t find it terribly exciting. Though to be fair, we’re looking at a Prototype of the vanilla Civic sedan, a car not known for being a head-turner.

These design cues do have me very curious to what the more aggressive Civics will look like. Does the more subdued styling of this Civic Prototype mean a more subdued Type R in the future?

Honda is definitely giving us a lot to think about aren’t they?

What do you think of the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype? Does it have you excited for the 11th gen Civics? Are you unimpressed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

To get a better look at the Civic Prototype check out the reveal video and gallery below.

2022 Honda Civic Prototype reveal video

2022 Honda Civic Prototype gallery

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