Matt Farah Drives Rutledge Wood’s Nissan R33 GT-R [VIDEO]

The Nissan R33 GT-R Skyline has a special place in my heart and the hearts of any JDM fanatic who went to high school in the 90s.

The R33 has always been legendary but to kids like me in the US it was mythical. It’s a car that we all spent countless hours reading about in magazines and virtually driving in Gran Turismo.

Some say that the R33 GT-R is one of the reasons why Gran Turismo was so popular with U.S. because it was the closest thing we would get to ever driving it.

Back then, we just could think of any reality in which people in America would be able to own and drive an R33 Skyline GT-R on the road. It was just not possible.

If only we knew then what we know now. Obviously, today is an entirely different story. Thanks to the “25 year rule” and registered importers like Toprank Importers in California, owning an R33 GT-R or other JDM super cars from the era is entirely possible provided someone has the cash on hand.

One of these individuals happens to be everyone’s favorite bearded gear head, Rutledge Wood. You probably know him from his stint on Top Gear USA, or hosting the Netflix shows Hyperdrive and The Floor Is Lava. Before all of that Rutledge was a staple in NASCAR commentary.

1995 Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R owned by Rutledge Wood as seen on The Smoking Tire hosted by Matt Farah

What you might not know is that Rut is a huge JDM fanboy. So, he jumped at the chance to own a genuine Nissan R33 GT-R as soon as he could. Sean Morris from Top Rank was able to find a nearly bone stock, pristine 1995 model for Rutledge’s driving enjoyment.

The only modifications present is a Magnaflow exhaust, as set of 90s period 3-piece wheels with continental tires, and what appears to be TEIN coilovers revealed by a hint of green in the strut towers.

UPDATE 10-26-20 6:15pm PST: We were corrected by Rutledge himself on twitter. The coilovers are not TEIN but Fortune Auto 500 Series that were custom built in the U.S. to fit his GT-R. Thanks for the heads up Rut!

Fortunately for Matt Farrah (AKA Car Thanos), he just happens to be good friends with Mr. Wood (heh heh…) so he was able to borrow the R33 to shoot an episode of “One Take” for his YouTube channel The Smoking Tire.

Ride along with Matt as he takes the R33 on a run through Silverado Canyon and provides some color commentary on the driving experience.

The Smoking Tire One Take: 1995 Nissan R33 GT-R Skyline

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