Piotr Wiecek Talks About His 800HP R34 Skyline Drift Car [VIDEO]

Most of you reading this might be familiar with Piotr Wiecek’s 2JZ-powered Nissan S15 he campaigned in Formula Drift. What you may not know is that Piotr was drifting for years in Europe (and continues to do so) in various cars before his stint with the S15.

On his new YouTube channel called “Candy Machine” Piotr released a new vlog about his 800 horsepower Nissan R34 Skyline that he built way back in 2013. This particular R34 holds a special place to Wiecek because he won his first ever drift competition with it in 2014.

The Skyline looked totally different back then, but today it is rocking a similar Worthouse livery to the S15 he ran in Formula Drift for three years before recently deciding to withdraw from the series.

When it was first built, his R34 was equipped with a Tomei 2.8 stroker kit and other internals however it didn’t stay that way. Though, it is better if you hear the story from him; so check out his vlog below.

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