Pandem Debuts New C8 Corvette Widebody [VIDEO]

It’s been too long since I’ve written about a widebody kit; the drought ends today! T.R.A. Kyoto teamed up with Toyo Tires to debut their brand new Pandem widebody treatment for the Chevy C8 Corvette!

Pandem C8 Corvette widebody kit side view

One look at this kit and it is clear that the designers were going for an aggressive and slightly utilitarian look. The squared off wheel arches almost have a military vehicle vibe but the exposed fender rivets still invoke the rock star rebel style that we’re used to seeing from Pandem and Rocket Bunny kits.

Pandem C8 Corvette widebody rear perspective

I am especially digging the rear spoiler. It has a 90’s style but still blends with the modern aesthetic of the kit.

This kit certainly seems to emphasize the body lines of the stock C8. I have a feeling that this widebody kit is going to be very divisive among the ‘vette community, which is likely exactly what T.R.A. Kyoto wants.

Pandem C8 Corvette widebody front perspective

Will the older Corvette enthusiasts embrace something like this? Smart money says no, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely. If nothing else, a body kit like this is bound to have some crossover with the “tuner” crowd.

American badge or not, a car like this would turn a lot of heads at a Wekfest show.

As far as I can tell, there is no release date or price set for the Pandem C8 widebody kit yet. It should also be noted that what you’re seeing here is a 3D rendering and not a physical product.

I would imagine that due to the global pandemic, production of this kit will likely be a little slower than normal.

I suggest any interested parties hit up their local Pandem dealer and see if they are taking pre-orders.

In the meantime check out the official reveal video below from Toyo Tires.

What do you think of the Pandem C8 Corvette widebody kit? Dope? Wack? Let me know in the comments below or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.


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