Toyo Tires Spotlights A 2001 NSX With A 90s Flare [VIDEO]

The first and second gen Acura NSX is one of my favorite cars. Despite originally releasing in 1991, it’s exotic look is so timeless that it still turns heads today in a world filled with McLaren 720s, Ferrari F8’s, and Bugatti Chirons.

2001 Acura NSX with Marga Hills body kit


That being said, I love a good NSX build. Especially when the owner takes the time to be meticulous about what goes on and stays off the car. Anthony, the owner of the 2001 NSX you see here is one of those people.

Being a fan of throwbacks, the marquee feature of Anthony’s NSX is a (nearly) complete Marga Hills widebody kit. If you’ve never heard of Marga Hills then congratulations: you’re young. The rest of us remember Marga Hills as a popular JDM brand from the 90’s that specialized in the NSX.

2001 Acura NSX with Marga Hills body kit

Because of their 90s vintage, their products incredibly rare which is why Anthony’s kit is not complete. He still needs to get his hands on a pair of rear fenders which he is still actively on the hunt for.

2001 Acura NSX with Marga Hills body kit

At the corners of his NSX is a set of tried and true Volk TE37 wheels wrapped in Toyo R888R DOT competition tires. That type of rubber hints that Anthony’s NSX sees some track time.

Around back you’ll find another rare JDM item: a genuine ARC titanium exhaust. I don’t even want to imagine how much Anthony had to fork over for that.

To see more of this NSX check out the video below produced by Toyo Tires.

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