Watch Doug DeMuro Explore The Pink S2000 From “2Fast 2Furious”

Doug DeMuro is best known for finding exotic, eclectic, and cult classic cars then exploring their “quirks and features” for his YouTube audience of nearly 4 million people.

Though one criticism often levied against DeMuro is that he tends to not feature modified cars. Doug’s reasoning is that he prefers to find stock (or close to stock) examples as it gives a historic window into the automotive industry during era the particular car was made.

Though it looks like there is a bit of a loophole to his policy: movie cars.

Movie cars have just as much historical significance and their modifications actually compliment that.

Thus, Doug recently visited the Petersen Museum to go over all the quirks and features of the bright pink Honda S2000 featured in 2Fast 2Furious.

Before you watch the video below, I’ll start you off with a few fun facts.

First fact: This S2000 is actually the same car driven by the “Johnny Tran” character in the first Fast And The Furious film. They just gave it a crazy pink paint job and a fluffy interior then reused it.

Second fact: This particular S2000 was actually owned by RJ de Vera who was co-founder of this site! For the first film, Universal Studios rented the S2000 from RJ but after the second film the studio bought the car from him outright and then turned it into…this.

Third fact: We still roast RJ about the car to this day.

Oh and for extra credit, if you want to learn more behind-the-scenes facts about the Fast And Furious films, cars, and how certain scenes were done, check out Craig Lieberman’s YouTube channel.

Craig was the technical advisor on the first two Fast And Furious films and worked on Tokyo Drift as well. He has a lot of stories to tell and it’s all great stuff.

Alright! Go ahead and check out Doug’s tour of the pink 2Fast 2Furious Honda S2000 below!

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