Tomica Honda Civic EF Model Needs To Be On My Desk Immediately

While the Honda Civic EF was technically a little before my time, it was still a big part of my journey into being a gearhead. It was the first car for a lot of my friends and peers in high school because by then it was old enough to be cheap but it still looked great and was easy to mod.

For a long time I wanted an EF myself but I was never able to make it happen. Despite that, I will always have a soft spot for it and I am always excited to see a particularly clean example in the wild.

That’s why Tomica’s model would be a great addition to my collection of random objects on my desk. Tomica’s Civic EF model is 1:64 scale so it won’t take up too much space and it also comes with figures of a dad and his two kids washing the car so you can even make a little diorama with it.

The model is part of Tomica’s Vintage NEO Collection which only includes cars that are over 15 years old. Considering the EF originally cameo out in the late 80s, it more than qualifies.

If you can find it, the model retails for about $43 USD. It doesn’t look like Tomica has any plans to sell this in the US “officially” but if you’re lucky enough to have a model shop near by they might be able to import it for you.

Or you can run the source link through Google Translate and see if you can get it from them directly. I think I might give it a shot myself. So if you see me post about this on twitter or Instagram, you’ll know why!

[Source: Tomica Japan via Hypebeast]


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