SEMA 2019: Here Is Rutledge Wood’s “Hyper Boosted” 2020 Toyota Supra

Let’s just get this out of the way now. About 98% of the SEMA 2019 coverage you’re going to see on the internet is going to be about a 2020 Supra. Not just here but darn near everywhere. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Super Chevy” tweets about one!

Anyway, I’ll do my best to not go overboard but I just had to give a quick spotlight to a Supra built by former Top Gear USA co-host Rutledge Wood. It isn’t my favorite Supra from the show but it’s certainly up there.

Dubbed the “HyperBoost Edition”, this GR Supra makes over 750 horsepower. The extra power comes thanks to a upgraded turbo system produced by Boostlogic. The new system utilizes a Garett GTX3582R turbocharger mated to a one-off exhaust manifold and Boostlogic downpipe. However, the real magic comes from the electronics. The tech-doctors at Boostlogic figured out a way to fool Toyota’s electronic defense systems to accepting all that extra boost without going into limp mode.

They obviously didn’t reveal how it was done but the fact that it can be done is more than enough for me!

On the outside the HyperBoost GR Supra is equipped with a 20 piece custom made carbon fiber widebody kit created by Rick Leos. The kit was actually designed in a way that it can bolt on to the GR Supra’s body. No cutting required. The roof was also replaced with a carbon fiber piece.

A set of custom-made 3-piece wheels by Lightspeed Racing fill the wider fenders and those shoes are wrapped with Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires. The Supra’s stance is brought to you by a set of KW Automotive V3 adjustable coilovers.

While technically this build is being labeled a “concept”, I find it pretty hard to believe that the widebody kit and Boostlogic turbo system won’t eventually find their way to the retail audience. The prospect of 750+ horsepower is bound to get more than a few wallets vibrating.

What do you think of Rutledge’s HyperBoost GR Supra? Click on the thumbnails in the gallery below or above for larger versions and let me know in the comments what you think or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.


Rutledge Wood’s HyperBoost GR Supra gallery

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