Need For Speed Heat: Everything You Need To Know So Far (Car List And Gameplay Video)

Need For Speed Heat made its big reveal a few days ago and as we speak EA has been revealing more and more details about the new racer and some hints as to what we can expect. I wanted to take everything that we know so far and put it all in one nice convenient place so that if you haven’t been following along you can get caught up quick-like.

Let’s start with the basics.

First, Need For Speed Heat will release on November 8th, 2019. Members of the “EA Access” service will get to play it 3 days earlier on the 5th. It will drop on basically every platform except for the Nintendo Switch. Even smartphones are in the mix, but more on that later.

Second, as common practice these days, there will be two versions of the game: a standard edition and deluxe edition. As one might guess, the deluxe edition comes with additional DLC cars, which consist of the following “K.S. Edition” cars:  BMW i8 Coupe, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, and Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. The deluxe edition also grants multipliers when earning “Bank” AKA in game money, and “Rep” AKA experience points. Finally the deluxe edition includes exclusive character outfits (more on that later as well).

Pre-ordering either version will grant the player a free “K.S. Edition” Mitsubishi Evo X.

The standard version will have the typical $59.99 MSRP while the deluxe edition will cost an extra $10.

Third, Like Need For Speed: Payback, Heat is an open world game. Where Payback took place in “Fortune Valley”, a fictionalized version of Las Vegas, Need For Speed Heat takes place in “Palm City” which from the looks of it, is a fictionalized version of Miami.

While no details have been released yet, there is a good chance that the game’s open world will go beyond the urban areas shown in the trailers. Expect regions with winding roads and maybe even some off road sections as well.

Gameplay (day and night racing)

Alright, I think that covers all the basic stuff. Let’s get into the gameplay and new features.

Need For Speed Heat’s gameplay (and likely story) revolve around the day and night cycle of Palm City. During the day players participate in legal, sanctioned “Speedhunter Showdown” races all over the city. Winning these races means earning “Bank” which is used for upgrading and customizing cars.

At night, there are still races to run but they are definitely not legal. This means having to worry about a special police taskforce formed to take down street racers. However, these cops are crooked and will do more than just wreck your car. If you’re caught by the cops they will take the in-game bank winnings from the daytime races. They can even take your car and all the customization items on it.


Speaking of, customization has been a strong point in recent Need For Speed games and in Heat customization options are expanded further. For the first time ever in a Need For Speed game, players can perform engine swaps on their cars. As far as which engines can be dropped in to which cars? That hasn’t been revealed yet. Though, EA claims that “nearly every” car can utilize an engine swap to maximize its performance.

Additionally, players can now actually tune the exhaust note of their vehicles. By default the exhaust sound will change depending on vehicle setup and engine, but players can fine tune it even further to come close to a low rumble or a high-strung sound. Though, the louder your exhaust, the more likely you may attract unwanted attention while driving around the city at night.

Engine swaps and exhaust note fine tuning are cool, but easily the biggest new addition to customization is the fact that EA created a connected mobile app dedicated to customizing cars on the go.

The app, dubbed Need For Speed Heat Studio allows players to take any car that is unlocked for customization and completely mod it to their taste. Body kits, wheels, exhaust tuning, and custom vinyl wraps are all on the table within the app. Once the player creates a design they like they can push it through to the game so that its already equipped the next time they play.

I think this is a really cool idea and frankly, it is something that I’ve wanted Forza Motorsport to do for years. The app is actually already available for iOS and Android right now, so if you’re planning on buying Need For Speed Heat, you can get a jump start on customizing your vehicles.

The last new customization feature mentioned (so far) is the ability to customize a personal avatar. Players can pick an avatar (male or female) to represent them and they can choose their clothing items from head to toe. While this is very similar to what is currently offered in Forza Horizon 4, what sets Need For Speed Heat’s avatar customizer apart is that there are clothing items (like shoes for example) that are from real brands like Adidas.

Now, it wouldn’t be crazy of you to read about all these customization features and items and start to think about loot boxes. However, a representative from EA has publicly stated on reddit that loot boxes will not be in Need For Speed Heat. This also means that the “Speed Card” system will not be found in this game as well. That is great news for those like myself who felt that speed cards were one of the biggest flaws of Need For Speed Payback.

Car list

Finally, one of the biggest questions people have when any new racing game comes out is “what cars are included”? Thankfully EA has released a full list of all the cars that will be available in Need For Speed Heat at launch. You can check that out by hitting the link.

Make sure you also watch the gameplay trailer below as well. I am thinking about uploading a video of the Studio app to the MotorworldHype YouTube channel so stay tuned for that.

Hopefully this covered everything you wanted to know about Need For Speed Heat so far. If there is anything I didn’t cover here let me know in the comments or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype and I’ll see what I can dig up!

Need For Speed Heat gameplay trailer:

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