LEGO Built A Full Size McLaren Senna And I Need It

If you follow MotorworldHype on Instagram then you probably know that I have a bit of a “Lego” addiction. Luckily I don’t have nearly the amount of disposable income required to buy all the Lego sets I currently want but that definitely doesn’t stop me from drooling over them anyway.

That being said, you can imagine that I am particularly attracted to automotive Lego sets and it appears that I am certainly not the only one. In recent years Lego has been producing more and more high-end automotive sets like the Technic Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 911 RSR, and all the “Speed Champions” sets.

To help promote those sets and their partnerships with the automotive OEMs they work with, occasionally Lego will build life-size versions of super cars out of their iconic plastic bricks.

Their latest work is this amazing full-sized McLaren Senna that took 50 builders almost 5,000 hours to complete!

All together the finished build used 467,854 Lego bricks and weighs 3,348lbs; Which is over 1,000lbs more than what a real McLaren Senna weighs.

While all of that is really impressive, what really sets this build apart is that it is the first life-sized automotive Lego build that incorporates components from its real counterpart.

For example you’ll find the same carbon fiber seats, steering wheel, pedals, wheels, tires, and badges found on the real Senna.

One of my favorite things about this is that despite the wheels being real the brake rotors behind them are still 100% Lego bricks.

Because this model uses real seats, it is also the first life-sized build that a person can actually sit in!

If you want to see the Lego McLaren Senna in person it will be making a tour at various events throughout the year. Including the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

Its unclear if the build will make it over to the United States.

Although, you can always build your own smaller version as there is a Speed Champions McLaren Senna Lego set available. You can bet I’m going to pick one up for myself!

I am also holding out hope that Lego may be working on a Technic McLaren Senna set in the near future!

To learn more about the life-sized Lego McLaren Senna, check out the press release below. You can also click any of the thumbnails for a larger photo.


Press Release:

  • Ultimate 1:1 scale LEGO® version of the McLaren Ultimate Series road car unveiled
  • Astonishing feat of LEGO® model-making endurance: nine real McLaren Sennas could have been hand-assembled in time it took to make
  • First interactive McLaren LEGO® model in which you can sit behind the wheel and start the ‘engine’
  • Incorporates seat, steering wheel and pedals from production McLaren Senna

A unique, full-scale LEGO® McLaren Senna has been created in secret by shifts of specialist assemblers working around the clock. Taking nearly 5,000 hours to assemble, it comprises almost half a million separate components. Unusual for a McLaren, the LEGO Senna is something of a heavyweight, tipping the scales at 3,348lbs – 1,102lbs more than the McLaren Senna that sold out as soon as it was announced in 2017.

Built to click with fans the world over, this surprise new Senna is the most realistic and ambitious McLaren ever made by LEGO. Pieced together from one metric ton’s worth of LEGO elements, you may not be able to drive off in it, but enthusiasts young and old can climb aboard, sit behind the wheel, push the start button (located in the roof), and even hear a simulation of the 208mph car roaring to life. Fans can also operate the lights and infotainment system on the model.

The astonishing life-size re-creation of the most track-focused road-legal McLaren is the latest in the model partnership between McLaren Automotive and the LEGO Group, the iconic Danish toy manufacturer. Generally, the LEGO Speed Champions range of McLaren kits is available in more manageable sizes for younger hands to put together. But as McLaren and LEGO showed with the McLaren 720S model in 2017, a 1:1 scale McLaren built entirely of LEGO bricks makes for a uniquely immersive, interactive and, above all, fun experience.

Now the brick-built Senna moves the model-car game on in ways befitting an Ultimate Series McLaren. The statistics behind it are mind-boggling: in total, 467,854 individual LEGO® elements were used in its construction, which is almost 200,000 more bricks than were used to construct the 720S model two years ago. Working in shifts around the clock, teams of up to ten model-makers needed 2,725 hours to click together all the pieces for the LEGO McLaren Senna, nine times longer than it takes to produce each painstakingly hand-assembled Senna production car (300 hours). Including design and development, a total of 4,935 hours went into creating the model, involving no fewer than 42 men and women from the LEGO build team.

The McLaren Senna is the first LEGO® McLaren to incorporate interior parts from a real car, underlining its authenticity. Inside the extreme, driver-focused cabin are the lightweight carbon-fibre seats, steering wheel and pedals from the real Senna. Actual McLaren badges are fitted and the wheels and Pirelli tires are exactly as specified on the actual car. The dihedral doors are made from LEGO® bricks and are removable to allow people easy access to the cabin.

Rendering the ultimate form-follows-function McLaren in plastic bricks with such accuracy required months of design and development work, involving both McLaren and the LEGO team. The car’s brick-work is finished to replicate Victory Grey with contrasting orange highlights, just like the 5in-long, 219-piece, McLaren Senna LEGO Speed Champions edition that went on sale earlier this year in toyshops, priced at $14.99.

For young McLaren owners of the toy model, seeing its full-size LEGO equivalent promises to be a magical, double-take moment. McLaren and LEGO fans of all ages will be able to get up close at a variety of events throughout 2019, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex, UK, in early July.