Super Bowl Car Commercial Preview Part 2: Dodge & RAM Edition

Yesterday we did a quick preview of some of the car commercials that were released before the “big game” on Sunday. Though we didn’t get around to covering all of them.

Today I’ll go over a few more but you should know that all of the remaining ones are from Dodge and RAM. So far, no other OEM has dropped an early look at their big game spots.

Looks like they are just going to wait for Sunday. Anyway, check out what Dodge and RAM are going to offer up below.


Dodge: “Devil Went Down To Georgia”

It looks like Dodge is positioning this ad to run right before kick off. In case you are missing the play on words here, this year’s Super Bowl LIII is happening in Atlanta, Georgia. This spot has just enough to grab a gear head’s attention: Dodge muscle cars sliding around. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Fun fact: 2 time Formula Drift champion Samuel Hubinette is one of the stunt drivers in this commercial, which is fitting as he was a Dodge-backed driver during his competition days. You can see some short behind the scenes clips of this commercial on his Instagram feed.


RAM Trucks: “Roll Rams Roll”

This is one of the most impressive dances around copyright I have ever seen by a major brand. Let me explain: no company besides the NFL is allowed to say “Super Bowl” or the official name of an NFL team in an advertisement. This is why you hear the term “big game” so much. However, with the LA Rams going to the “big game” this year, it was an opportunity that RAM trucks just couldn’t pass up. Thus they put as much symbolism in this spot as possible stopping just short of saying anything that will earn them the wrath of the NFL. A heard of rams running across the country and stopping in Atlanta? Genius. My favorite part is that the people in the truck are wearing the LA Rams colors. Brilliant!


RAM Trucks: “4th Quarter Fight”

Not unlike the Jeep commercial, this is another spot looking to appeal to our humanity. Its metaphor of comparing the 4th quarter of the game to the struggles that people like farmers, teachers, soldiers, and parents go through is not exactly original but well executed here. This likely won’t be the most talked about commercial of the lot but its well done nonetheless.


RAM Trucks: “Make Sure Of It”

Typically car commercials, especially truck commercials are very male oriented and targeted as such. This spot speaks directly to the female empowerment movement going on currently. Though, it still finds away to reach men in a different way by touching on that very special relationship between a father and daughter. The fact that Jeremy Renner AKA Hawkeye and a father in real life is doing the narration is a nice touch.


RAM Trucks: “Can’t remember”

This spot is essentially the “Deadpool” of car commercials. No, not because its ultra-violent and R-rated but because it is extremely meta. It’s a commercial that somewhat pokes fun at the whole concept of spending companies spending a ton of money on “big game” commercials. While I didn’t get any belly laughs out of it, it was enough for me to crack a smile by the time it was done. I really liked this one but not sure it will be in the running for the best come Sunday night.

Alright well that does it for all of the pre-release Super Bowl car commercials. There may be more that come out after this post goes up but after this we’re just going to wait for the game before making any further commentary. Then on Monday we’ll tell you our favorite picks.

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